Adigo Strengthens Conferencing Security Features

Adigo Inc. (Booth 720) announces it recently beefed up the security features of its conferencing service available for sale through its channels. The conference lock feature alone isnt robust enough, says Adigo CEO John Finestone, of the commonly used technique of preventing unauthorized callers into a teleconference. Instead, he says Adigo offers a suite of […]

PowerNet Global Offers Local, Long-Distance Bundles

PowerNet Global Communications said today it is offering local and long-distance service bundles to its residential customers. The initial launch includes Florida, Indiana, Michigan and New York; the services are sold through the providers partner channel, and PowerNet Global will be announcing more states where the services will be available. With local and long-distance services […]

Arizona ISP Selects UCN to Support Centralized Call Center

UCN Inc. (Booth 511), says Simple.Net Inc., an Arizona-based ISP provider, has selected the inContact product for its call center reporting tools and ACD features. Simple.Net chose inContact over updating an aging PBX system. The key benefit is the scalability of inContact, says James Jennings, Simple.Nets director of operations. We will save thousands of dollars […]

Click, Talk, Sell

Click4Talk this year rolled out a Web-based click-to-talk service designed to instantly connect online shoppers with customer service or sales representatives. What’s new about that? On the surface, it sounds pretty much like the same offer you’ve been hearing about for the last five years. But David Landa, Click4Talk’s vice president of sales and marketing, […]

Premiere Conferencing Demonstrates ReadyConference Plus

For the first time since introducing ReadyConference Plus last month, Ptek Holdings Inc.’s Premiere Conferencing division (Booth 218) is demonstrating the new proprietary data collaboration and audio service at the Channel Partners trade show. Ptek Holdings provides business communications services and constantly seeks master agents and resellers. Both groups sell the company’s services, which include […]

Wireline Replacement: Coming to a Channel Near You

Posted: 10/2003 Wireline Replacement: Coming to a Channel Near You By Khali Henderson Telular Corp. is enabling consumers and enterprises to unwire with its PhoneCell product lines that emulate the central office to provide wireless dial tone for home phones and PBXs. The company has a growing dealer network among interconnects and now is seeking […]


Posted: 12/2002 RESELLING UNIFIED MESSAGING: KEEP IT SIMPLE By Josh Long KEITH GOEKE HAS SOME BASIC advice for resellers marketing unified communications to small businesses. Keep the sales pitch simple. "It’s still an educational process for most people when it comes to unified messaging and the way to get through to that customer is to […]

It’s All About Integration

Posted: 04/2000 It’s All About Integration By James R. Dukart In today’s telecom world, it’s all about integration. Carriers and customers are sending a growing concoction of network traffic out over the wires and airwaves, using an alphabet soup of transport protocols.Voice and data travel over the same circuits, using anything from frame to IP […]

Sprint, the Media and the Truth about Customer Satisfaction

Posted: 09/1998 Sprint, the Media and the Truth about Customer Satisfaction By Casey Freymuth For the fourth consecutive year, Sprint Communications Co. has topped the industry in J.D. Power and Associates’ 1998 Residential Long Distance Telephone Customer Satisfaction Study (see page 19) among high-volume users spending more than $50 per month. Undoubtedly, major newspapers nationwide […]

Service–The Simple Answer

Posted: 02/1998 By Jennifer Knapp What are smart cards? Who benefits from the technology and where is the money to be made? These are the questions more easily answered than the question, Why smart cards? Service–The Simple Answer Smart cards, credit card-shaped data carriers with thumbnail-sized central processing units, memory and storage, have teamed up […]

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