Posted: 10/2003 LONG-DISTANCE FUTURE MIXED BAG Outlook Hinges on Segment, Competitive Position By Joyce Lo and Taher Bouzayen RBOC entry into the long-distance market coupled with overall declining retail voice revenue will create a challenging environment for longdistance players over the next several years, according to new research from Boston-based Atlantic-ACM. While all long-distance players […]

How to Optimize Your Postal Program

Posted: 9/2003 How to Optimize Your Postal Program By Ron Whaley and Lenny Taylor If you are like most telecom service providers, you mail out thousands of invoices month after month. Isnt it galling that you have to spend so much money in postage just to get paid for a service youve already delivered? Its […]

On Target

Posted: 2/2003 On Target Survival Strategies for Conferencing Resellers By E. Brent Kelly COMPANIES THAT RESELL CONFERENCING products and services are under significant duress — not only because of a global economic downturn, but because the very fundamentals of their markets are in flux. A quiet revolution is occurring as the market demands a transition […]

Wholesale Channel – Data Adds Flavor to Wholesale Market

Posted: 08/2001 Wholesale Channel Data Adds Flavor to Wholesale Market By Tara Seals Constant news of dwindling voice margins may dull reseller palates, but the data sector adds some spice. Private lines, IP VPNs, enhanced services and, yes, even DSL, serve up an exciting smorgasbord of wholesale options.Mission Critical: Private-Line ResaleA data capacity strategy is […]

In Box – Praise for the Portal

Posted: 03/2001 In Box Praise for the Portal The Communications Portal (January 2001) feature for PHONE+ was excellent–a clear and accurate representation of the Personal Application Desktop (PAD) and the Service Creation Manager. We showcased the PAD at ComNet. We’ll be formally announcing the business logic piece of the puzzle (which is a significant chunk […]

Wholesale: BLECs Cautioned: Know Your Tenants Before Playing with Fiber

Posted: 02/2001 BLECs Cautioned: Know Your Tenants Before Playing with Fiber By Josh Long In a nation where copper and incumbents reign, unlighted fiber can satiate in-building carriers starving for savvy applications and the flexibility to layer enhanced services in the future. Of course, in-building carriers must secure the clientele–and bandwidth demand–to justify a dark […]

Bottom Line: Don’t Get Caught Web of Taxation

Posted: 09/2000 Don’t Get Caught Web of Taxation By A. Dale Currie Jr. and Bob Geppert When Scottish poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott wrote, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave,” it was a philosophical thought regarding people’s deceptive practices during the early 1800s.Of course, that was long before the advent of mass telecommunications […]

Telecommodities Indices

Posted: 05/1999 U.S.-to-Latin America Routes Lower Global Index Minutes routes from the United States to Central and South Americas drove down the global index last month. The RateXchange Americas regional index fell by 9.5 percent, followed by Asia by 5.24 percent and Europe by a fraction. The global index for private-line and satellite-capacity pricing was […]

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