Rules of the Game

Do you remember when tic-tac-toe ceased being fun? It was when you were about five years old and your opponent - an older sibling most likely - blocked your threein- a-row at every turn. For every two Xs you placed, an O would follow. That’s a little like what’s going on in the telecom services industry - only […]

How to Prepare for Any Negotiation Session

If you think successful salespeople “wing it” when it comes to negotiation, think again. In truth, they prepare for every negotiation with the same rigor as a student preparing for an upcoming exam. Smart salespeople realize effective negotiation depends on preparation. They take time to think through their own positions and that of their counterparts […]

C-CAMS Adds Workflow Management Module

C-CAMS Inc. (Booth 103) has introduced its all-new workflow management module the latest extension of its enterprise suite of customer care and service applications designed for telcos, ISPs and public service/utility providers. The workflow management module is pre-integrated to its customer care and service solution, and combines trouble ticket/fault, work order and service order management […]

Master Agent and Reseller: Negotiating Both Sides of the Fence

Master Agent and Reseller: Negotiating Both Sides of the Fence In a preview to an article in the December issue of PHONE+, [email protected] spoke with John Cunningham, who know what its like to be a master agent and a reseller/CLEC. Cunningham helped found Business Communications Management (BCM) in 1992, starting the master agency as an […]

Local Service on the Side

Like fast-food franchises popping up on every downtown corner, competitive telecom providers are expanding service into new regions and launching brand new local offers with the intent of using their dealer channels to bring alternative local services to market. The moves are in response to customer demand: The competitive local market appears to be growing. […]

An Up Side to Piracy Crackdown

Most managers of small and mid sized businesses know software piracy is illegal. But they likely do not understand how losing track of their software costs their businesses time and money every day. This creates an opportunity for channel partners to design and implement software asset management programs that add value for their clients’ businesses. […]

The Flip Side of Sales

Posted: 10/2003 The Flip Side of Sales Why Agents Cant Afford to Overlook Customer Care By Jim Gledhill If you want to keep your customers, offer good customer service. Its not enough to be better than the carriers customer service, because thats like being better than subpar. Instead, you should be an integral part of […]

Collaborative: Polycom Introduces iPower Executive

Posted: 08/2002 Polycom Introduces iPower Executive Polycom Inc. has made available to its channel partners the new iPower Executive, a system that combines an integrated PC, a camera, dual side-by-side 15-inch flat-panel, high-resolution LCD display and a high-fidelity sound system on a single desktop pedestal. The iPower Executive is designed for use in the office, […]

Wholesale Channel: New PaeTec Partner Targets Resellers

Posted: 1/2002 Wholesale Channel New PaeTec Partner Targets Resellers By Tara Seals  E.J. Butler, president wholesale markets group/ network services, PaeTec Facilities-based integrated communications provider PaeTec Communications Inc. has positioned its wholesale channel as a complement to its other business segments. With the launch of a bundled solution tailored for resale, PaeTec offers resellers the […]

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