Lenovo, HP, Dell Grow Commercial PC Sales

But overall, a new study says global shipments fell by 1.7 percent (78.5 million units) in the third quarter when compared to the same period last year.

Palm Pre Has Shipped, Tipster Says

The first transport carrying the Palm Pre is on its way to Louisville, Ky., according to a tipster. Whether this is puckish rumor-mongering, or the truth, we don’t know. But Tuesday morning an anonymous source called in a report to the aptly named “Everything Pre” Web site, claiming that the first shipment of Palm Inc.’s […]

Infonetics Research Report Indicates Zhone Takes Lead for MSAP Shipments in America

According to an Infonetics Research report, Zhone Technologies Inc. (Booth 408), a global provider of advanced communications equipment, has taken a lead in second-quarter port shipments in the MSAP category in both North America and Central and Latin America (CALA) regions. Results showed Zhone leading in DSL port shipments by more than 100 percent over […]

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