Man Overboard!

HOW DOES A TELECOM KNOW if a customer is about to leave for the competition? Measure-X, a Phoenix-based company that specializes in helping telephone companies improve their customer service and sales, has identified five early warning signs that indicate a customer is about to jump ship. Squeaky Wheel. The most obvious sign of an unhappy […]

RAD Data Helps Cruise Ship, Ferry Passengers Make Cellular Calls

RAD Data Communications is making cellular telephone service available and affordable even when callers are far out at sea, the company announced this week at CTIA Wireless. RAD is working with a Norwegian company to make connectivity practical on a Danish fleet of cruise ships and ferries. Maritime Communications Partner AS (MCP), a provider of […]

Venicom Partners with T-Mobile

Venicom (Booth 418) has partnered with T-Mobile (Booth 415) to launch a new fulfillment program. Now, subagents across the country can join Venicom to represent T-Mobile business-to-business solutions to customers. Under the fulfillment model, T-Mobile will warehouse, activate and ship handsets to all of its agents’ clients. According to Venicom’s Web site, the company "acts […]

Carrier Channel: SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT

Posted: 8/2003 SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT International Wholesale Voice Faces Next Wave By Nicholas Topham The last major strategic shift in the wholesale voice market occurred in the mid-’90s, when the European telcos entered the refile market and brought fundamental change to the structure of the business. The value of the average wholesale minute […]

Is Local Resale a Sinking Ship?

Posted: 05/1999 Is Local Resale a Sinking Ship? Voyagers Prefer Facilities; Hope Floats in UNE-P By Ken Branson Illustration by Ben Folkertsma It looked like a plan in 1996 when Congress passed the Telecommunications Act: The incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) had networks, but couldn’t sell beer on a troopship; competitive companies–brand-new–had no networks, but […]

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