Carrier Channel:News Briefs

Posted: 7/2003 News Briefs T-Systems International GmbHs unit for carriers carrier business, International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS), has announced interconnection with SONOFON at a new point of presence in Copenhagen. This gives the two companies access to the other mobile operators directly interconnected with each others networks. ICSS offers mobile operators access to T-Systems […]

Case Study

Posted: 7/2003 Case Study BasicPhone Boosts Customer Service Quality with Secure, Instant Messaging Texas-based BasicPhone Inc., a provider of long-distance and residential phone services in 12 states, has found instant messaging (IM) to be key to its successful customer service processes and policies. After researching available enterprise IM offerings, BasicPhone tested several competitive products and […]

Overdue Diligence

Posted: 05/2002 Overdue Diligence Resellers Evaluate Where to Migrate Business By Josh Long LAST FALL TRANSPOINT COMMUNICATIONS INC. partnered with Qwest Communications International Inc. after its primary underlying carrier’s balance sheet started to make investors antsy. Transpoint is among several resellers that began migrating business to additional underlying carriers since Global Crossing Ltd. filed a […]

Playing Hardball

Posted: 04/2002 Playing Hardball More Competitors File Antitrust Suits Against BOCs While AGs Consider Action By Kim SunderlandTHERE’S MORE THAN ONE WAY to break up a monopoly Bell company, say the competitive carriers making power plays against the incumbents with antitrust lawsuits. It appears their biggest booster could be separate involvement by state attorneys general […]

Tales of Ulysses

Posted: 12/1997 Tales of Ulysses CGX Expands its Embrace from Operator Services to the Internet with a Reach that Spans Ten Years, Several Continents and Some New Technology By Peter Meade When Ulysses G. Auger II joined the family business in June 1972, he was thinking more about room service than phone service. Auger Enterprises, […]

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