RPM Software Announces New Order-Reconciliation Feature

Youve done the work. Youve placed the order. Youve overseen the provisioning. Now all you have to do is wait to get paid. Butsometimes, all you do is wait. Its a time-consuming problem to sift through carrier commission reports looking to match up fragmented line items to an order you placed six months ago. Someones […]

Raise the Bar

Posted: 8/2003 Raise the Bar How to Set Effective Quotas By Gary Lawrence For sales managers, the recurring challenge is how to set quotas that follow the business plan and motivate sales force. They wrestle with keeping the sales force engaged and striving to meet and exceed the sales goals set with the intent of […]


Posted: 2/2002 POLICY NEWS  * Arizona’s Supreme Court has ruled The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) retains discretion and flexibility over how fair market value determinations are to be made in the rate setting process. The decision resolves lingering commission concerns over its statutory rate setting obligations for CLECs. At issue was the ACC’s obligation to […]

Setting a New Table

Posted: 06/2001 Setting a New Table IP Billing Puts a Charge Into Revenue Assurance By Chris Garifo It’s no secret that resellers and carriers want to take advantage of IP-based services to drive revenues and improve profitability. But to make money off those services, they’ll have to bill for them. That’s easier said than done […]

Payphone Route

Posted: 09/1997 Payphone Route Court Rules Against Payphone Order: Says FCC Erred in Setting Rate By Mark Haney In the July issue, we discussed the implications of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) Payphone Order. In the order, the FCC ruled that payphone service providers (PSPs) are entitled to fair and reasonable compensation for the use […]

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