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CTO Summit at VON to Produce Plan for New IP Peering Fabric

PHOENIX (August 12, 2009) — Virgo Publishing, a leading B2B information services company, announced today that the 2009 VON Conference & Expo ( will host a CTO Summit at which leading competitive service providers will develop a road map for creating a nationwide IP-based peering fabric that will bypass the legacy PSTN and support advanced […]

ZipDX Launches Audio Conferencing with a Difference

A new teleconference service is on the hunt for service provider and agent partners to help it showcase its next-generation audio conferencing service. ZipDX is differentiating itself in a crowded market with a focus on ease of use (look ma! No passcodes!), better call quality and productivity enhancements. Features include: Support for Wideband Audio Next-Generation […]

COMPTEL: Talking Online Consumer Services with Microsoft

Today’s discussion on PC and mobile services, hosted by Microsoft Corp., will focus on consumer demand for online services. The discussion particularly will cover how service providers can deliver innovative services that go beyond simple broadband and mobile access, such as photo sharing and unified messaging. “For consumers today, the Internet is a critical tool […]

A New Year’s Resolution and Thoughts With Service Providers in Times of Tragedy

By Michael Fair, MarketRace I have been remiss at blogging lately and wanted to take this opportunity to commit to being much better during 2008. I particularly wanted to address and respond to the many inquiries and concerns that people in this community have shown me recently regarding the subject of a blog submission that […]

TECHtionary Now Offers More Than 3,000 Tutorials

TECHtionary said last week it has topped 3,000 animated tutorials to help service providers educate themselves and their customers. provides custom media tools for onsite, online, podcast, blogs, webseminar and iPod/iPhone formats for sales, technical, support and customer education. Courses include Communications Technology Manager, Wireless Technology Manager, VoIP-SIP Business Executive Channel Partner Training, SIP […]

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