ILD Adds USF Feature

ILD Telecommunications Inc. (Booth 218) has enhanced its LEC Billing Services Group product with a State USF Feature. The software flags the states where administrative fees are allowed. ILD points out that not all states require a USF fee, so not all of them allow providers to charge administrative fees. ILD says it is working […]

Separate & Unequal

Posted: 2/2004 Separate & Unequal It has been 20 years since the breakup of the Bell System. Equal access and Bill McGowan are words that rarely enter our vernacular today, and are not likely to end up on an episode of VH1s I Love the 80s for their nostalgic value. Many of us, however, would […]

When it Rains, it Pours

Posted: 2/2003 When it Rains, it Pours Within a week (the week before Christmas no less), BellSouth announced it had been cleared to provide in-region long-distance services in its entire territory, Qwest got the OK to do so in nine of its 13 states and SBC got approval in California. The pace at which the […]

ROUND TABLE: on Extending Bell Separate Affiliate Rules

Posted: 10/2002 Round Table … … on Extending Bell Separate Affiliate Rules … "[Separate affiliate] requirements should be extended for an additional three years beyond the date that the RBOC is authorized to provide in-region interLATA telecommunication services. This course of action is justified by evidence showing that the [RBOCs] continue to leverage their power […]

BOC Busters

Posted: 08/2002 BOC Busters FCC, Competitive Carriers Suit Up for 271 Enforcement By Kim Sunderland Now that Bell operating companies (BOCs) have received numerous Section 271 approvals to provide in-region long-distance service, regulatory enforcement looms overhead like a "focused nonterminal repeating phantasm" — a little slippery and difficult to pin down. The situation may not […]

Regulatory News – Verizon Takes Hits

Posted: 03/2001 Verizon Takes Hits Company Still Standing Despite Lawsuit, Separation Order By Kim Sunderland Verizon Communications Inc. ( recently received the kind of one-two punch that might knock a lesser competitor to the canvas. In Pennsylvania, the Public Utility Commission (PUC, is expected to order Verizon to separate its wholesale and retail operations. Verizon […]

Regulatory News – Separate Entities

Posted: 01/2001 Separate Entities As Convergence Alters Telecom Policy, Local Competition Needs to Separate BOC Affiliates By Kim Sunderland H. Russell Frisby Jr. CompTel president Competitive carriers want state and federal regulators to require the RBOCs to split their local exchange service operations into separate retail and wholesale affiliates. If not, the onslaught of cross-subsidization and […]

What’s in a Name?

Posted: 05/2000 Stacking the Deck Stakes Grow Higher in Advanced Services Contest By Kim Sunderland When entering a gambling town, it’s easy to allow the bright neon lights to suck you into the excitement and overwhelm you with the opportunities–the shows, unrelenting action, money, sex appeal, hype, constant motion and changing players.The adrenaline rush of […]

Toward Cost-Effective ‘Convergence’

Posted: 03/2000 Toward Cost-Effective ‘Convergence’ By Pedro Colaco Deregulation and fierce competition are reducing revenue and eroding profit margins, which no longer surprises any voice service provider. Also, revenue growth in the voice services market virtually has halted at between 2 percent and 5 percent in the United States and is only slightly higher globally. […]

Broadband Battle Moves to Hill

Posted: 07/1999 Broadband Battle Moves to Hill By Kim Sunderland Both houses of Congress are poised to consider proposed legislation that attempts to tackle the thorny issue of broadband, which seems possessed by few and desired by the masses. Broadband is transmission equipment with a greater bandwidth than a voice-grade line that enables it to […]

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