Would You Like Some SEO With That?

The combination of SEO, social networking, and blogging done correctly can certainly do some amazing things for businesses in almost any industry.

Internet Marketing State of the Union

Sites influenced by Googles update saw varying punishments ranging from temporary lower search engine results, temporary bans from the results pages, or in some harsher cases, permanent bans of domains by Google.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Using SEM tools, SMBs can be targeted by city, region, state, country or even globally. It is important to understand your product offering and how an SMB is going to query for it.

6 Social Media Tools for a Co-Marketing Makeover

As social media becomes a valuable tool in acquiring and nurturing customer relationships, channel partners should ask for  and get  social media marketing support from suppliers.

Peer-to-Peer Blog: SEM … Pay to Play — Is It Worth It?

Unless marketing managers and directors get together and put a cap on online spending (hint, hint), advertising spend will continue to increase until the cost per lead and cost per click reach equilibrium and the model implodes.


By leveraging SEO GEO targeting tactics, businesses can target customers locally or regionally based upon their business presence.

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