From Master Agent to Reseller

Ailing financial health among carriers. Customer service shortcomings. Billing problems. Accounting scandals. Cutbacks in agent programs. These trends have prompted a response among several master agents to redefine themselves as resellers, take on more risk and responsibility, but also gain more control over processes and payments. “It’s like a different world,” says David Singer, CEO […]

Making Sense of WiMAX

The future of WiMAX is still up in the air. Certifed product is not expected until the first half of 2005, and mass-produced chipsets are not going to be available to vendors until next summer. So, the question is whether end users and service providers will wait for a wireless technology when they are making […]


Like many other companies Sprint Corp. has stopped actively marketing residential local and long-distance calling plans in 36 states and the District of Columbia known as Sprint Complete Sense, which relied on the embattled UNE Platform. The company recorded 336,000 Sprint Complete Sense customers at the end of the first quarter, the most recent figure […]

AireSpring Releases Facilities-Based Local Services

AireSpring (Booths 207-209), announced it now is offering new local services through CLEC facilities. AireSpring is offering local T1s and PRIs as well as integrated T1s with local phone lines and Internet access on the same circuit. Rollout will begin in California. Service will follow in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New […]

Why MVNOs Make Sense

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market is a crossroads for telecom, entertainment and other industries. The idea that a mobile phone can lead to a customer’s wallet and loyalty has a range of companies interested in the opportunity. MVNOs are more about customers, community and content than they are technology. As a result their […]

Telegration Expands Long-Distance Offering to Agents

Telegration Inc. (Booth 229) will begin offering access to its long-distance products to agents and their customers throughout the Midwest. Telegration, based in Troy, Mich., is the nation’s largest SBC-authorized agent and has been an MCI rebiller for 13 years. "Our SBC sub-agents were running into Telegration long-distance bills in our target markets and began […]

The Pitch: Marketing Success Takes Common Sense

Posted: 07/2000 Marketing Success Takes Common Sense By Maureen Rhemann Marketing does not come naturally to everyone. In many ways, it is an acquired skill rather than an innate ability. The whole idea behind marketing is the ability to use a collection of techniques to entice a customer to buy a product. Many companies make […]

Agency Channel: Do You Turn Cold Calls Into One-Call Closes?

Posted: 05/2000 Do You Turn Cold Calls Into One-Call Closes? By Marilyn Dooley So, when was the last time you made a cold call and turned it into a one-call close? I asked myself that question the other day and, well, … if truth were told, the answer was not what it should be. Nor […]

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