BillSoft Announces the Release of EZTax ASP

BillSoft Inc. has released EZTax ASP for real time tax calculation, which provides online storefront sellers with immediate taxation for their goods and services sold over the Internet. The offering is an XML Web service that can be used to calculate taxes and adjustments on any transaction supported by EZTax. Applications send a single transaction […]

WTG Lauds Top Sellers At Tee & Sea Event

From left to right: Vince Bradley, President and CEO, WTG; Eric Asquino, Advanced Corporate Services; Mannie Galon, G2 Solutions; Dale Stewart, CSG Affiliates; Vince Paul Armenta, COO, WTG; Bob Morrison, The Morrison Group At its fourth annual Tee & Sea channel partner event in May, World Telecom Group named the winners of its Partner Perks […]

Webinars a Win-Win for Web Conferencing Sellers, Buyers

One way to boost conferencing sales is to stop talking about it as a cost-saving communications tool and start talking about it as a profit-making presentation tool. “It’s gotten to the point that [conferencing is] affordable for everybody. …The education of the market is done; now, it comes down to gaining market share,” says Greg […]

Last Mile Offers Online Exchange

Last Mile Connections, a One Equity Partners company, this week launched the Online Exchange, a neutral e-marketplace using reverse auctions for selling and buying telecom bandwidth services. The Online Exchange, found at, is a customer-focused application designed to connect buyers and sellers of bandwidth from around the globe through a single point of contact. […]

Arbinet Rolls Out Select Routing

Posted: 10/2003 Arbinet Rolls Out Select Routing By Khali Henderson Arbinet Inc., operator of thexchange ( minutes trading floor, planned to roll out new routing services with higher quality routes. Two new services, Select Routing and Select Plus Routing, were to be available mid-September and are the result of feedback from Arbinets members during a […]

Raise the Bar

Posted: 8/2003 Raise the Bar How to Set Effective Quotas By Gary Lawrence For sales managers, the recurring challenge is how to set quotas that follow the business plan and motivate sales force. They wrestle with keeping the sales force engaged and striving to meet and exceed the sales goals set with the intent of […]

ASCENT: Profitec Improves Web Commerce Applications

Profitec (Booth 300) is announcing significant enhancements to the Web commerce functionality of its telecom billing system, Omnibill 7.5. The company has rolled out a new version of Omniview, the EBPP engine that links with the Omnibill database management system. Omniview now supports the incorporation of daily rated call files that are replicated from the […]

Trading Desk: Band-X Expands IP Access Points in New York

Posted: 1/2002 Trading Desk Band-X Expands IP Access Points in New York By Tara Seals and Khali Henderson Moving with the market, Band-X Ltd. has added 10 access points for its IP Routed service in New York City — the newly-crowned Internet infrastructure capital of the world. Band-X Routed, a Cisco Systems Inc.-powered platform, lets […]

Trading Desk – Trading Post

Posted: 04/2001 Trading Desk Trading Post What are the Differences Between IP, Bandwidth Trading? A: With IP transit you actually are buying or selling Internet transit, specifically, access to and through the Internet. Bandwidth trading refers to circuits or networks of dark or lit fiber, primarily from one point to another. Here are key questions […]

Trading Desk: Trading Post

Posted: 02/2001 Trading Post What can exchanges do to prevent looping? The key to preventing carrier looping is maintaining a global presence and creating liquidity. Looping refers to a phone call where the transmission path traverses an ocean or continent in order to be switched and returned to the same city. Looping is generally viewed […]

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