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Answers to Your Questions About SMBs Ask Yankee Group analyst Steve Hilton. Send your questions to Please include your name, city, state and a phone number. Only first names and locations will be published. This month, I am going to look at leading and lagging small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the VoIP world […]

Dialogic Forms Partner Program

Dialogic Corp. announced its new partner program at the Internet Telephony Conference and Expo. The Dialogic Partner Program is designed to help customers capture revenue opportunities, shorten time-to-market and expand within market segments, the company said. The program will provide companies with opportunities to manage their marketing efforts more effectively, build brand awareness, align their […]

XO Deploys Major Segments of Next-Gen Intercity Fiber-Optic Network

XO Communications on Wednesday announced it is carrying customer traffic on major segments of its new, wholly owned next-generation nationwide long-haul intercity fiber-optic network. As announced earlier this year, XO is upgrading its long-haul network by deploying the Infinera DTN optical system across its nationwide fiber assets. The upgrade will allow XO to more than […]

VoIP is VoIP in Any Language

Efficiency, feature-rich service offerings, increased revenue for a carrier, VoIPs triple-pronged value proposition is the same no matter where in the world its being used. But VoIP is a moving target. Todays session on international VoIP will focus on global VoIPs maturation beyond cheap termination. Moderator Judy Reed Smith, CEO of research firm Atlantic-ACM, will […]

Telcos Putting Moves on Vertical, Niche Markets

Posted: 02/2000 Telcos Putting Moves on Vertical, Niche Markets By Liz Montalbano hough it may seem telecommunications providers are striving to be all things to all people, telcos still are putting the moves on vertical and niche markets and targeting specific customer segments with solutions customized to their needs. A 1998 Insight Research Corp. ( […]

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