Business News – Companies Seeking Money Miss Mark on Business Plan, Experts Say

Posted: 07/2001 Business News Companies Seeking Money Miss Mark on Business Plan, Experts Say By Josh Long With investors remaining ever vigilant as the bankruptcy line grows longer, telecommunications companies must present a comprehensive financial model in order to garner funding, experts said at the ASCENT 2001 Spring Conference and Exposition in Dallas. That premise […]

Seeking Telecom’s Masterminds

Posted: 09/2000 Seeking Telecom’s Masterminds Who’s Who in Carrier ConsultingPaid by the hour to dispense advice, consultants–wisened by collective and focused experience–are a veritable brain trust for telecommunications service providers. From conception to implementation these advisors are helping carriers steer a clear path through the minefields of the modern communications business.While they are the butt […]

Desperately Seeking Access Charges Reform

Posted:  02/2000 Desperately Seeking Access Charges Reform BY KIM SUNDERLAND Now that January has come and gone, pressure has hit the boiling point regarding an access charge reform proposal, which would reduce interstate access charges by $5.6 billion annually over the next five years and still deliver on universal service. The Coalition for Affordable Local […]

Special Access

Posted: 06/1998 Special Access IXCs Seek CLECs for Local Connections By Ken Branson Long distance and local exchange companies one day may be integrated communications providers. But for now, they still operate in an environment that resembles the regulated-monopoly environment of the past. For example, long distance companies still typically purchase local network access, or […]

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