SimpleSignal Adds Service Provisioning

SimpleSignal Inc. has unveiled a 60-second service provisioning enhancement to its SimpleSIP trunk solution. SimpleSIP Split-Second service provision lets customers add communications connections via a Web browser as they need them, not as they were provisioned by the provider. The company said if a customer needs more call capacity, trunks are added virtually by the […]

Cavalier, Telarus Form Partnership

Cavalier Telephone and Television and Telarus Inc. have announced a partnership in which Telarus will include Cavaliers business suite in its GeoQuote product. GeoQuote is a real-time T1 loop-quoting engine. Cavaliers offerings include integrated T1 access, Internet access, local service and security products. Customers can access GeoQuote and gather prices in as little as five […]

Trading Desk: Regular or Premium: What Are You Buying?

Posted: 2/2002 Trading Desk Regular or Premium: What Are You Buying? By Steven J. ParrishHow do you ensure that service quality is where you expect it to be or, more importantly, that it meets the minimum standards that you paid for? Take something as mundane as the gasoline that you put into your car. No […]

Trading Desk: Master Agreement Needs a ‘Bit’ of Defining

Posted: 01/2001 Master Agreement Needs a ‘Bit’ of Defining By Bruce Christian For months now, the word has been that a standardized master bandwidth purchase and sale contract could be reached "any day." The trouble is, "any day" never seems to pass. The industrywide committee negotiating the agreement, led by the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel, […]

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