second-quarter 2008 earnings


More Than 900,000 Subs Kiss Sprint Goodbye

Those Sprint Nextel (S) wireless subscribers are dropping like proverbial flies. The Kansas City-based provider shooed away another 901,000 customers during the second quarter of 2008. Losses totaled $344 million, despite the nifty new ads spoofing a horror flick – clearly an appeal to the younger demographic – and the much-publicized “Simply Everything” plan. Nobody […]

Qwest: High Taxes Pushed Our Profit Down

Alert the IRS: Qwest Communications International Inc. (Q) didn’t hit its second-quarter earnings numbers because taxes are too high. At least that’s what the Denver-based carrier said Wednesday when it reported a 24-percent drop in second-quarter net income, which totaled $188 million. The weird thing is, that’s $31 million more than Qwest made in the first […]

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