Pepsi Drops Pick-Up App

Pepsi didn’t exactly “score” with its new app, so the cola company has decided to pull the controversial program. Bloggers were relentless in their criticism of the app, calling it sexist – and that was probably being kind. The application, designed around the company’s AMP energy drink, gave men tips on how to “pick up” […]

What Do You Need to Run an Agency?

Behind every good agent lies a good back office. To be able to concentrate on selling to current customers and generating relationships that will hopefully create new customers, agents must be cognizant of everything that needs to happen smoothly behind the scenes. Agents can get a significant amount of help from master agents or carriers, […]

Fishing for Finance

Fishing for Finance After some slow years, private money again is fueling the communications sector. Its a breeze for the big-name companies to score funding, yet not so simple for lesser-known providers or resellers. Plus, if you dont want more than $10 million, major investment banks and venture capitalists wont even look at you. So […]


Tom Wheeler Most people would agree that in the past two decades, e-mail has forever changed the way people communicate. However, industry pundit Tom Wheeler might argue that this instantaneous communication was used in its purest form more than a century ago not to mention the shaping effects these early correspondences had on our nations […]

Slam Dunk

With easy conferencing on the rise, remote collaboration is more than just a solution for the travel-weary executive set. Conferencing is finding a home with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and vendors are looking to agents to spread the word. “In the past couple of years, the industry has gotten away from attended services […]

Steps to Installing Hosted VoIP

Agents who think this model is just too complex ought to reconsider. It simply requires a change in mindset, not an advanced degree in data network engineering. The paradigm shift from wired TDM voice to packet-based telephony services provides unique opportunities for the sales agent channel. More revenue, a larger base of customers, better customer […]

Wholesale – The Wholesale Opportunity PIN

Posted: 04/2001 Wholesale The Wholesale Opportunity PIN By Judy Reed Smith and Taher Bouzayen Fierce competition, exploding demand for data and Internet services, price erosion, new suites of products, and new categories of customers are constantly redefining the wholesale long- distance marketplace. Because of this ever-changing business environment, wholesale providers face the continuous challenge of […]

Wholesale: Survey: DSL Wholesalers Get Mixed Reviews

Posted: 11/2000 Survey: DSL Wholesalers Get Mixed Reviews By Judy Reed Smith and Nick Regas DSL. It was a brilliant idea: Widen the bandwidth spectrum over the same copper wire that telephones already use enabling data and voice data to travel simultaneously at high speeds. It could not have happened at a better time. Demand […]

Putting the Brakes on Churn

Posted: 01/1999 Putting the Brakes on Churn By John Andrews If you run a growing telecommunications company, imagine 10 of your most valued subscribers sitting in your office. Then picture four of those customers standing up, slamming the door and walking away from your company forever. Not a pretty thought. But with churn rates now […]


Posted: 12/1998 Score! For Network Plus, Telecom is No Spectator Sport By Ken Branson It was the risk and reward, Rob Hale Jr. says, that got him started. He was 23 and a year out of Connecticut College, working in sales for the former MCI Communications Co. It was a good job and he was […]

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