Regulatory News – IXC Slamming Plan Won’t Work, States Say

Posted: 09/1999 IXC Slamming Plan Won’t Work, States Say By Kim Sunderland An industry-sponsored proposal calling for an independent third-party administrator (TPA) to handle slamming complaints just isn’t feasible, according to state regulators. Companies that slam, or switch a consumer’s long distance or local carrier without permission, are committing deceptive trade practices, which "are illegal," […]

Local Resale Shows Signs of Life

Posted: 07/1999 Local Resale Shows Signs of Life By Ken Branson Like Mark Twain reading his own obituary, there are those who believe that reports of local resale’s death are greatly exaggerated. When PHONE+ reported in May that local resale was dying–and not much missed by some of its practitioners–we heard from some that we […]


Posted: 07/1999 CHARGING AHEAD LEC Billing Remains Viable in Convergent Market By Susan Helen Moran CEO Joe Lynam says he has been spending a lot of time pondering corporate strategy. He knows his local exchange carrier (LEC)-based billing services company, Integretel Inc., San Jose, Calif., cannot stand still and expect to flourish in a world […]

What About Bob?

Posted: 04/1999 What About Bob? Sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do. Isn’t that what we say when we can’t think of a better reason for doing something? It’s also what we say to others sometimes when we don’t understand their reasons for doing something. But most of the time, it’s […]

Federal Telecom Lawmakers Have Staying Power

Posted: 12/1998 Federal Telecom Lawmakers Have Staying Power By Kim Sunderland All four of the top telecommunications policy makers were voted back into office Nov. 3, retaining their committee seats and solidifying a Republican-led agenda for the 106th Congress. Bliley With these incumbents holding on to their seats, more of the same in telecom can […]

Move Over, TV

Posted: 10/1998 Move Over, TV Internet Captures Imagination, Dollars of Telecom Industry Marketers By Jennifer Knapp Advertising on Internet is fast becoming a common strategy for companies in many industries, and, according to one study, telecommunications’ heavy-hitters are leading the way. Unlike television, with its massive appeal and commensurate cost, experts say the Internet is […]

Stop the Music!

Posted: 09/1998 Stop the Music! It used to be you could enjoy the Sunday paper with your coffee. If the headlines were jaw-dropping, the worst that could happen was a little soggy newsprint with your eggs and toast. Now, with 24-hour online news, it’s hazardous to health–yours or your computer’s–what with the risk of electrocution, […]

Did Somebody Say "Outsource?"

Posted: 03/1998 By Jennifer Knapp Any company looking to step into the prepaid phone card industry should know two things: First, creating a successful prepaid platform is a monumental task with myriad steps. Second, help is available! Companies with experience in the many facets of the industry can assist with resale, wholesale and promotional programs. […]

Knights of the Roundtable

Posted: 02/1998 By Bob Titsch Jr. Knights of the Roundtable Jack Burk president Integrated TeleServices Thomas Coughlin CEO Vista Communications Robert George president and CEO Discount Long Distance Inc. Robert Hale president Network Plus Inc. Ron Hooper chairman and CEO Avirnex Communications Group Gene "Skip" Lane Jr. president and CEO Network One Inc. Robert Mocus […]

The Death of a Salesman

Posted: 09/1997 The Death of a Salesman Resellers Face a Critical Juncture By Bob Titsch, Jr. For years pundits have predicted their demise, and resellers continually made fools of them, but it’s resellers themselves who are doing the talking lately. Some industry insiders say the competitive market brings with it the death of a salesman-specifically […]

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