Will Diversification Save Universal Access?

With a stock price hovering around $1 and a disclosure that its auditor has expressed doubt about the company’s ability to continue, Universal Access Global Holdings Inc. has seen better days. The company warned in regulatory filings it might be forced to seek bankruptcy court protection if it cannot raise capital or improve its operations. […]

Number Portability Confusion Good for Wireless ResellerBusiness Model

Posted: 2/2004 Number Portability Confusion Good for Wireless Reseller Business Model By Kelly M. Teal Wireless local number portability (WLNP) is a revenue generator tailor-made for Cellnet Communications, a 20-year-old wireless reseller serving Michigan and northern Ohio. Cellnet works mostly with large companies, but also individuals, helping sort through wireless carrier plans, coverage and pricing […]

TAG: It is All in the Audit

Posted: 9/2003 It is All in the Audit How to Win at Competitive Bids By Missy Mastel We all agree there are few new customers for phone service. About 99 percent of the time, you are competing against incumbent carriers when you look to sell new business. So how do you let prospects know you […]


Posted: 04/2002 CARRIER CHANNEL MAN OVERBOARD Ethernet Hype Dampened by Market Realities, Technical Challenges Ethernet is caught in the undertow of market realities and technical challenges — the latter will soon be solved, but may not be a big enough lifeboat to save upstart wholesalers. CAN CARRIER’S CARRIERS SURVIVE OVER LONG HAUL? The growing list […]

Agency Channel: Master Agent Streamlines the Henry Ford Museum

Posted: 11/2000 Master Agent Streamlines the Henry Ford Museum By Tara Seals Master agent and consulting firm Telecom Holdings Inc. ( DS-1 circuit, and showed the true power of an agent lies in relationships. According to Paul McAninch, vice president of operations at Telecom Holdings, the Henry Ford Museum was attracted initially to the "Telecom […]

Business News – Bigredwire’s Revenue Model Questioned

Posted: 09/2000 Bigredwire’s Revenue Model Questioned By Chris Garifo Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Pty. Ltd. ( has launched free interstate and international circuit-switched phone-to-phone long-distance service in the United States, but the jury’s out on whether its revenue model will work.The company allows customers to trade time they spend looking at web advertising for long-distance […]

Agency Channel: Do You Turn Cold Calls Into One-Call Closes?

Posted: 05/2000 Do You Turn Cold Calls Into One-Call Closes? By Marilyn Dooley So, when was the last time you made a cold call and turned it into a one-call close? I asked myself that question the other day and, well, … if truth were told, the answer was not what it should be. Nor […]

Long Distance Peddlers No More

Posted: 03/1999 Long Distance Peddlers No More –Part One By Kieren McCobb As a consultant, among the most frequent queries I receive are about starting or running a long distance agency. The better question would be how to operate a "network services" agency. No doubt you have heard that the very survival of traditional long […]

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