Whats Your Target?

EVERY TELECOM SERVICE provider wants to make sales and it should come as no surprise that salespeople are a critical part of the process of helping customers make purchase decisions. But it doesnt occur to many telecom companies that their sales forces would be more effective if they had goals. Goals give sales associates a […]

Get Synchronous with Your Customers

When it comes to sales, youve got to get on the same wavelength with your customers. Have you ever considered the cost of a salesperson that loses the sale because he or she misses important clues from the customer? Top salespeople have the ability to identify and adjust to different buyers Social Styles. Studies show […]

Winning Team Create a Winning Team

Posted: 10/2003 Winning Team Create a Winning Team How to Recruit and Retain a Top Telecom Sales Staff By Dr. Christie Smith and Paul De Young Recruiting and retaining a quality telecom sales team may give your business its greatest advantage in todays competitive equipment and service sales environment. With prices dropping, new technologies enticing […]

Location, Location, Location

Posted: 08/1998 Location, Location, Location By Bob Lane Independent payphone providers (IPPs), like real estate agents, measure the success of their companies by the locations of their products. Real estate agents don’t make money on houses in bad locations; likewise, IPPs don’t make money from poorly located payphones. The differences between a successful payphone route […]

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