Compensating for Change

Compensating for Change With increasing portfolio complexity and a wide range of customer targets, resellers, master agents and service providers are wrestling with how to realign their indirect and direct sales channels to overcome a stagnate reality: Too many salespeople are unfocused, chasing the opportune sales instead of pursuing more difficult, highmargin prospects.

Whats Your Target?

EVERY TELECOM SERVICE provider wants to make sales and it should come as no surprise that salespeople are a critical part of the process of helping customers make purchase decisions. But it doesnt occur to many telecom companies that their sales forces would be more effective if they had goals. Goals give sales associates a […]

Sales Veteran Shares Door Openers

The recession is waning but companies still are cutting costs. Prospective clients are wary of salespeople. Everybodys multitasking and no one wants to take the time to talk with yet another cold caller. So whats the key to getting decision-makers to actually talk to you? Dont sell like everyone else, says consultant Jack Lindsley of […]

Boost Your Sales by Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection

Most people hate hearing the word no. From something as simple as asking for your favorite dish at a restaurant and being told they no longer serve it, to asking your boss for a raise and being turned down, we never like to hear the word no. So who would want to work in a […]

Little Sales Cycle of Horrors

“Feed me, Seymour!” No, it’s not the roar of a giant, man-eating Venus Flytrap. It’s your funnel calling. Keeping the sales funnel full (that is, making sure you have new prospects and likely buyers in your pipeline at all times) is a hallmark of successful salespeople. But the funnel’s hungry - constantly. Generating and tracking multiple […]

Winning Team Create a Winning Team

Posted: 10/2003 Winning Team Create a Winning Team How to Recruit and Retain a Top Telecom Sales Staff By Dr. Christie Smith and Paul De Young Recruiting and retaining a quality telecom sales team may give your business its greatest advantage in todays competitive equipment and service sales environment. With prices dropping, new technologies enticing […]

Why Good Salespeople Make Bad Decisions

Posted: 12/2002 Why Good Salespeople Make Bad Decisions By Dr. Wayne M. Thomas, DBA Editor’s Note: The author’s last article, "How to Avoid Being the Designated Loser," in the October 2002 issue of PHONE+ was so well received that we are following it up with a further look at reasons why the high drama of […]

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