Qualcomm Responds to Latest Broadcom Patent Loss

Qualcomm Inc. said it will offer workaround technology for some WCDMA cell phone chips after a court ruled Monday that the company stop selling or making the technology that infringes on three Broadcom Corp. patents. Qualcomm also said Wednesday it will look at its legal options and ask the court to clarify some aspects of […]

Nokia Gets Favorable Ruling in Qualcomm Patent Dispute

An International Trade Commission judge ruled Wednesday that Nokia did not infringe on three Qualcomm Inc. patents involved in an ongoing dispute between the rivals. In the initial ruling, Judge Paul J. Luckern also found one of the patents invalid. Qualcomm said it will ask for a review of the ruling. Qualcomm initially made the […]

XO Wins Court Case Against Level 3

XO Communications said Monday the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware has ruled in favor of its complaint against Level 3 Communications Inc. in the companies fiber optic network dispute. The court determined that XO has the right to light fiber it acquired from Level 3 and required Level 3 to provide XO […]

Judge Bars Vonage From Signing New Subs

A federal judge has barred Vonage Holdings Corp. from signing up new subscribers because it infringed on three Verizon Communications Inc. patents. Vonage plans to immediately appeal the ruling. U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton on Friday told Vonage he would hold the injunction against the company as punishment for the infringement. The Associated Press reported that Vonage’s […]


LIBRA (SEPT. 23 – OCT. 22) What do I have to do to send you home in this beautiful late-model PHONE+ magazine today? Libra is the charmer, the sweet-talker and the salesman of the Zodiac. Thats right, partners, agents and resellers if youre a Libra, youve got the gift! Like its ruling planet, Venus, Libra […]


ARIES(MARCH 21 – APRIL 19) Lady in red; little red Corvette; red skies at night; red wine. All good things, right? Well, the bad news for you, Aries, is that red is your ruling color; and this month, especially Saturday, the 15th, will have you seeing red and possibly in the red. The good news […]

BlackBerry Shutdown Decision Put on Hold

U.S. District Judge James R. Spencer said he will rule later as to whether BlackBerry mobile e-mail service should be shut down in the United States, after a much-anticipated hearing this morning. Spencer chastised both sides for failing to settle their dispute in the patent-infringement case. NTP Inc. claims BlackBerry creator Research In Motion Ltd. […]

TelCove Growth Continues

TelCove (Booth 305), a provider of telecommunications services to enterprise customers and carriers, says its Carrier Services Group continues to expand its portfolio of carrier products and markets served. Since last Februarys CompTel/ASCENT event, TelCove has announced alternative access solutions to carriers challenged by the FCC ruling on unbundled network elements. Additionally, with the acquisition […]

Time Out

I was tempted to rerun my comments from last month, Bells Win Another Round. By simply adding the word, Again, to the title and changing all the verb tenses from future to past, the piece stands. Of course, I am referring to the FCCs swift move to deregulate DSL access (see this story). The Aug. […]

Telcos Likely to Seek Broadband Deregulation

In a victory for the cable TV industry seeking deregulation of their DSL networks, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld an FCC ruling that frees cable operators from requirements to open their broadband lines to other Internet service providers. The high court ruled in late June that the FCC had the right to treat cable […]

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