Arbinet Rolls Out Select Routing

Posted: 10/2003 Arbinet Rolls Out Select Routing By Khali Henderson Arbinet Inc., operator of thexchange ( minutes trading floor, planned to roll out new routing services with higher quality routes. Two new services, Select Routing and Select Plus Routing, were to be available mid-September and are the result of feedback from Arbinets members during a […]

Trading Desk: Carriers Seek Rewards of Risk Management

Posted: 1/2002 Trading Desk Carriers Seek Rewards of Risk Management By Josh Long The energy merchants that pioneered commodity bandwidth trading lost hundreds of millions of dollars in 2001. Now, other backbone providers are investigating their dogged pursuit of risk management and seeking to assuage potential liabilities on global networks that have proved as volatile […]

The Letter – Yes, Virginia, There is a Glut. But for How Long?

Posted: 12/2001 The Letter Yes, Virginia, There is a Glut. But for How Long? Is there a bandwidth glut or not? The question persists. Carriers fought long and hard to say there was no glut for the obvious reason of boosting their valuations. Now, as prices for long haul circuits plunge and market capitalizations shrivel, […]

Wholesale Channel – NEWS BRIEFS

Posted: 09/2001 Wholesale Channel NEWS BRIEFS * STAR Telecommunications Inc. ( announced in July that it would cease providing wholesale carrier services to U.S. customers. Santa Barbara, Calif.-based STAR, which filed in March for voluntary bankruptcy protection, said it would continue to provide wholesale services to customers of its STAR Europe subsidiary and provide retail […]

Wholesale: News Briefs

Posted: 11/2000 News Briefs * Former Teligent Inc. ( MCI Commu- nications and AT&T Corp. ( has signed a 20-year, $93 million agreement to provide the nationwide backbone for a new marine VHF radiotelephone network developed by MariTEL Inc. ( and EPIK Communications Inc. ( paid $162.5 million to acquire more than 11,000 miles of […]

Wholesale: Deals Energize Carrier’s Carriers

Posted: 10/2000 Evolution Networks Bets on Wholesale Demand By Ken Branson Eric Ensor thinks a lot about places like Albany, N.Y., and Valdosta, Ga., these days. Cities like those–not necessarily those cities–are where Ensor and his colleagues expect to lead Evolution Networks Inc. ( to profitability. Evolution Networks will offer wholesale services in second-, third- […]

Ethernet’s Star Rises Again

Posted: 08/2000 Delivering QoS via Application-Based Routing By Alex V. Petrov The IP has become the de facto platform for the long-hailed convergence of communications, computers and content.On the forefront of this revolutionary transformation is ferocious competition in the voice and fax services markets, where VoIP technology has made deep inroads into PSTN. Close optimization […]

AT&T to Build Metro Network with Help from SomeFriends

Posted: 02/2000 AT&T to Build Metro Network with Help from Some Friends By Liz Montalbano AT&T Corp. ( has contracted with three carriers to build a fiber optic network linking 30 major U.S. metropolitan areas. Working with CapRock Communications Corp. (, PF.Net and Touch America, Inc. (, AT&T will overlay the new conduit and fiber […]

Bandwidth Glut Yet to Surface

Posted: 02/2000 Bandwidth Glut Yet to Surface any camps exist that believe the U.S. domestic bandwidth market will tumble as new technologies that utilize the existing fiber for higher bandwidth throughput are introduced. The increased bandwidth is expected to outpace bandwidth demand and drive prices downward. However, the Real-Time Bandwidth Exchange*Revealed Price Index (RTBX*RPI), which […]

Telecommodities Indices

Posted: 01/2000 Have U.S. East-West Bandwidth Prices Bottomed? The Real-Time Bandwidth eXchange*Revealed Price Index (RTBX*RPI), which tracks the current weighted average price, is applied to DS-3 bandwidth for major U.S. east-west routes in the accompanying chart for RateXchange trades since June 1998. For this period, the average rate for a DS-3 declined by 40 percent […]

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