Level 3: Plenty of Room for Growth in Narrowband

Most companies — including network services giant Level 3 Communications — have a bread-and-butter customer. Its largest customer happens to be the No. 1 ISP, America Online. However, Colorado-based Level 3 is not ignoring smaller fish in the Web seas. The company has turned its attention to midsized ISPs. Level 3 announced Wednesday, at the […]

The Letter: Room for Another Carrier’s Carrier?

Posted: 2/2002 The Letter Room for Another Carrier’s Carrier? I’m not sure the telecom industry has room for another acronym let alone another carrier’s carrier. But, some industry players and policy gurus are proposing both. ADCos, or alternate distribution companies, are being hailed as a new breed of carrier’s carrier that will help crack open […]

Intellectual Capital – David R. Oran

Posted: 07/2001 Intellectual Capital David R. Oran VoIP Pioneer Eyes Audio Quality; Future of Data By Bruce Christian David R. Oran, a pioneer in voice over IP technology, offers a vision of VoIP evolution that’s a long way from where he and many industry colleagues started. While Oran’s view of where VoIP is going can […]

There’s Still Room at the Internet

Posted: 10/1998 There’s Still Room at the Internet By Jennifer Knapp With consolidation already occurring in the Internet services market, telecom service providers may be concerned that they’ve missed the boat by not securing their spot on the ground floor of this exploding industry. Never fear, there’s still room for more–the number of worldwide Internet […]

Make Room, IPPs

Posted: 01/1998 By Charlene O’Hanlon Next time you use a payphone at an airport, hotel, shopping mall, or other high-traffic area, take a look at who’s providing the phone. There’s a chance it’s not the old standby regional Bell operating company (RBOC) or independent payphone provider (IPP). Instead, it may be your friendly neighborhood competitive […]

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