Panels Discuss Policy Insights

Hungry for insight from the FCC? Policymakers will convene on TELECOM 05 for a lunch and breakfast meeting with attendees, ready to talk about topics including the Universal Service Fund (USF) and the Rural Utility Service (RUS). FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is the featured speaker at Wednesdays luncheon, which any fully paid conference registrant can […]

Panelists Debate Role and the Future of USF

Panelists for the Wiley, Rein & Fielding LLC law and regulation series grappled over the issues surrounding the Universal Service Fund (USF) on Monday in a session Universal Service – Should the System Be Scrapped or Can it Be Fixed? that prompted debate and, ultimately, consensus that the matter is so complex the details will […]

Solutions Providers By Design

Transformation is infiltrating the communications market, intermingling disciplines as well as services. Beyond supplying voice and data on one network, channel partners can leverage the power of IP to blend telecom, IT, television, security, and wireless and in-building controls. While this new era of converging disciplines creates opportunity for partners of every stripe, building a […]

USTA Gets New Name, Offices, Web Site

The US Telecom Association is giving itself a makeover. The organization, which formerly called itself the United States Telecom Association, on Monday is moving into new offices and unveiling a new logo and Web address. Executives say they want to better reflect the groups role in Washington advocating for forward-looking, innovative communications companies. US Telecoms […]

From Agent to Advocate: Redefine the Sales Role in a Changing Industry

The role of the telecom agent is evolving from a purely sales-driven position to that of a consultant. This is especially true as reps break away from companies offering UNE-P and all eyes turn to VoIP, which faces regulatory hurdles of its own. It also is the case now that consumers have easy access to […]

Billing Concepts Names President

Billing Services Group LLC (Booth 211) has appointed Don Philbin as the president of Billing Concepts Inc. Philbin brings over 15 years of experience to the post, and has been closely associated with Billing Concepts since the companys inception in 1988, where he has held the titles of COO and general counsel. During his tenure […]

Rewriting the Telecom Act

Washington is buzzing that beginning next year Congress may attempt to write a comprehensive telecommunications act. The explosion of Internet-based phone service, some insiders say, has prompted the congressional discourse as regulators, academics and other observers hold to the philosophy that federal law has not kept pace with technology. “I think for the first time […]

Mediation Gets Active

Posted: 2/2004 Mediation Gets Active Advanced Subscriber Services Require More Interactive OSS By Rick Woods A mediation system has been a critical component of the OSS since the early 1980s. In its role as the funnel for usage information from the network, mediation has always played a passive role in the subscribers experience. Traditionally, mediation […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: ADDS, MOVES & CHANGES

Posted: 9/2003 ADDS, MOVES & CHANGES Virgin Mobile USA LLC, which markets a prepaid service designed for the youth market, has expanded its marketing team. The company appointed three senior executives: Greg Castronuovo, vice president of promotion and brand activation; Susan Collins, vice president of consumer marketing; and Bob Stohrer, vice president of brand and […]

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