FCCs Wheeler Moves to Crack Down on Robocalls

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan, slated for a vote on June 18 by the entire five-member commission, represents an attempt to address American consumers’ hatred of telemarketing and automated phone calls.

The Dangers of Interstate Telemarketing

Confusion and a lack of settled case law have left it unclear whether the federal statute preempts state laws that seek to enforce conflicting regulations on interstate calls.

Robocalls Now Illegal Without Written Consent

The final aspect of last year’s Telemarketing Sales Rule took effect today. Telemarketers now must obtain written consent from consumers, in advance, to solicit them via so-called “robocalls.” The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, was instrumental in shaping the rule, which clamps down on those annoying, automated and pre-recorded messages hawking everything from air conditioning […]

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