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FCC Gets New Chair: Genachowski Confirmed by Senate

After the vote was held up for more than a week, Julius Genachowski was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the next chairman of the FCC. Once sworn in, Genachowski is expected to preside over the July 2 meeting. Acting Chairman Michael Copps will to commissioner status. The re-nomination of Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell also […]

McDowell Headed for Second Term at FCC

In a widely expected move, President Obama has nominated Republican FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell to another term at the agency. The new appointment is good for five years. McDowell has served on the FCC since May 2006, when then-President Bush chose him to fill former FCC Chairman Michael Powell’s seat. Obama said McDowell has shown […]

Reports: Baker, McDowell to Be FCCs Republicans

Congressional Republicans reportedly are honing in on naming their picks for two open FCC commissioner seats. Several reliable media outlets say Meredith Atwell Baker, former acting head of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, will fill Debi Tate’s vacant chair, while Robert McDowell stands to be renominated for his seat. Confirmation hearings for Barack Obama’s […]

Web Exclusive: Cable Cap Controversy

Now that the FCC has placed a 30 percent cap on cables market share, expect to see the matter go to court again. Thats because this isnt the first time the agency has capped cable. In 1992, Congress passed the Cable Act. The idea was to promote competition in so-called multichannel video programming. Part of […]

FCC Agrees to Forbearance Review as Verizon Vote Looms

The FCC on Nov. 30 said it will examine whether the forbearance petition process needs new rules. The notice came just days before the agency is slated to vote on Verizon Communications Inc.s request for sweeping regulatory relief in six northeastern markets. That Dec. 5 decision is crucial for several reasons. For one thing, it […]

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