SBC Results Mark Progress in Consumer Market

After years of losing millions of consumer lines to rivals, SBC Communications Inc. has ended the suffering. The San Antonio, Texas-based company added 16,000 primary residential lines in the first quarter over the fourth quarter of 2004, marking its first quarterly increase in five years. Total primary consumer lines were still down to 23.2 million, […]

Regional Bells Ink Wholesale Deals Opening Voice Network to Rivals

BellSouth Corp., the third largest local phone company, on Friday announced signing 100 commercial agreements that govern the terms under which rivals can access its voice network. The commercial agreements replace government-mandated arrangements that expired today under FCC regulations. Atlanta-based BellSouth said the agreements covered approximately 530,000 access lines in its nine-state territory. The FCC […]

CLECs Accuse Bigger Rivals of Possibly Violating Laws to Win Lobbying War

The Bells dont hide their position that they are burdened with far too many phone and Internet rules during an era of vibrant competition. They are lobbying powerhouses before Congress, the FCC and state regulators among other government agencies to demand further deregulation of the market. But some of their rivals allege the countrys biggest […]

Qwest Settlement Agreement with Arizona Regulator Expected in Fall

The Arizona Corporation Commission is expected to vote sometime in the fall whether to approve a $20 million settlement agreement resolving allegations that Qwest Communications International Inc. cut secret agreements with rivals and failed to implement new wholesale phone rates. Qwest reached a proposed agreement with the state utility regulator late last month. A conference […]

Judge Blocks Wholesale Phone-Rate Hike in Illinois

A judge on Monday granted a preliminary injunction blocking the Illinois telecom regulator from imposing new wholesale phone rates that would have allowed SBC Communications Inc. to charge rivals more money to lease its local network. Charles P. Kocoras, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, ruled that a […]

FCC’s Adelstein Says No Surprises So Far

Jonathan Adelstein says the controversial and emotionally charged Triennial Review is a “huge challenge” but no activity on the eighth floor so far has startled the new FCC commissioner. Adelstein, a former legislative aide to U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), was sworn in as the fifth commissioner Dec. 3, leaving the self-described champion of rural […]

SBC Technician’s Wife Lobbies for Changes in UNE Rules

Heidi Neal didn’t go out to dinner for her seventh anniversary this month. Instead, she spent about $25 to launch a Web site about a topic that until recently she knew little about. Neal, who has four children and is married to a slicing technician who scales telephone poles and patches together wires in manholes, […]

The Road Less Traveled: Former Harley-Davidson Exec Speaks at ASCENT

In Yellowstone National Park, the Badlands of South Dakota or Daytona Beach, Fla., a plumber, a hairdresser and a CEO riding their Harley-Davidsons across the country are comrades. Whether roaring past a herd of bison on the plains near Mt. Rushmore or buzzing by a fleet of beach bums, their ride transcends gender, social class […]

Bells: On the Verge of a Crisis or a Reclaimed Monopoly?

Posted: 011/2002 Bells: On the Verge of a Crisis or a Reclaimed Monopoly? By Josh Long THE BELLS INSIST UNFAIR REGULATORY policies are forcing them to subsidize their rivals and slash thousands of jobs, stemming innovation and the investment necessary to bolster broadband development across the country. Meanwhile, experts representing competitive service providers grappling to […]

Appeals Court Says FCC was Right to Restrict UNEs

The U.S. Court of Appeals on Friday upheld a Federal Communications Commission temporary ruling that limits certain network elements competitive carriers can lease from their rivals, the Bell operating companies, at a more favorable pricing structure than under tariff rates. The Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel), a Washington D.C.-based organization representing Bell rivals, argued the FCC […]

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