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Here, Kitty, Kitty Forest guards in the state of Gujarat in western India used cell phones with animal sound ringtones to lure wandering leopards out of human settlements, Reuters reported. As substitution for live bait, such as a goat tied to a tree, the ringtones of cows mooing, goats bleating and roosters crowing proved to […]

Ericsson to Support Cincinnati Bell Ringtones

Ericsson will host, manage and provide content for Cincinnati Bell Inc.’s ringback tone service. Ericsson will perform systems integration, hosting and day-to-day management of the service from its operations center in Plano, Texas. Also, the service will feature content from Ericsson’s music and entertainment partners. Based on Ericsson’s Personalized Greeting Service platform, Cincinnati Bell Wireless […]

TEOCO Explores the Depths of Transaction Activities With SONAR

With ringtones, video, music and games moving onto public networks in greater numbers, service providers such as telcos, cablecos and cellular providers are facing a growing need to manage such transactions. TEOCO Corp. is heeding that call with a new solution it calls SONAR. SONAR is our deep-dive capability, says John Devolites, general manager of […]

CoolPrepaid.com Introduces New Prepaid Phone Service

CoolPrepaid.com today announced the availability of CoolPrepaid.com Motorola Inc. phones, with what the company says is the lowest U.S. and international flat rates of any U.S. provider. Available in Sears stores nationwide, and on the Cingular Wireless network and at www.coolprepaid.com, CoolPrepaid.coms low rates include a per-day access fee of 30 cents, U.S. rates of […]


Posted: 3/2004 Mobile Mini-Movies Attendees at this months CTIA Wireless 2004 conference in Atlanta can view entries into the second annual The Worlds Smallest Film Festival. Sponsored by Los Angeles-based Big- Digit Inc., the festival was introduced last year to showcase very short films (no longer than 2 minutes), animation and music videos on mobile […]

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