Paradiddle, RIM Shot, Cymbal Crash, Done

The IP community can’t ignore the transformation in the way mobile devices are desired and used. Decisions regarding ancillary applications, hardware and software platforms and ultimately our business strategies, depend upon marching to the beat of the right drummers.

Enterprises Join BlackBerry Exodus

While its been widely reported that the general consumer is leaving BlackBerry in droves for iPhones and Android handsets, enterprises are beginning to ditch RIM as well.

Unleash the Hounds

Odd that in the same week we have very differing aspects of the value of social media and both relate to emergency situations.


Operating a technology-oriented business is very difficult. Business strategy, tactics and product portfolios must be dynamic. Responsibility and a sense of urgency should be present every day with the purpose of moving things forward.

Android, Windows Phone 7 Dominate Market-Share Forecast

It seems hard to imagine the iPhone falling behind Windows Phone 7, especially with Apple expanding its reach into more global markets, particularly large telcos in China. But nobody saw Androids wild success coming a few years ago, either.

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