All Aboard TMCs Bonus Express

TMC Communications (Booth 210) announced that it has exceeded 10,000 T1 circuit installations within 10 years. To celebrate the milestone, the company is launching a lucrative, train-themed TMC Ticket to Ride promotion at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Agents will receive substantial cash bonuses and extra commissions on the sale of voice and data […]

How to Ride the Wireless Wave

In The Graduate, a neighbor tells hero Benjamin Braddock, Theres a great future in plastics. Had the movie been filmed today, Mr. McGuire instead may have uttered, Theres a great future in wireless. While theres little doubt that wireless is the wave of the future, its important to get a grip on the most important […]

All Aboard

VoIP is a booming business, and as the market grows, more resale opportunities for niche providers have cropped up. Many second-tier operators not only lack a network, but the back-office expertise that goes along with it. Some enterprising vendors have crafted enablement packages to help these resellers, creating a fledgling ecosystem. “More and more companies […]

Long Storey Short: Be Smart, Drive Change

Jeff Storey, president and CEO of WilTel Communications, delivered his keynote address at the CompTel/ASCENT convention with the dry humor characteristic of WilTels signature marketing campaign featuring editorial cartoons by Fred Hilliard. Indeed, the kickoff slide was just such a cartoon depicting screaming telecom executives on a roller coaster ride. The caption: Telecom. The thrill […]

Catch the Integrated T1 Wave

It’s high summer, and surf’s up for channel partners catering to small and medium businesses. A flurry of integrated access options let agents offer SMBs fully managed voice and Internet access on one T1 line, for less money than traditional circuits. Partners can really shoot the curl with bells and whistles like dynamic bandwidth allocation […]

No More Free Ride?

Posted: 12/2003 No More Free Ride? Regulators Consider Rules for Internet Phone Companies By Josh Long A new breed of phone companies is rapidly sprouting. They are hip. They are cheap. And for now, they are unregulated. Enter the world of IP telephony, a realm beset by technological challenges over the last several years, but […]

The Road Less Traveled: Former Harley-Davidson Exec Speaks at ASCENT

In Yellowstone National Park, the Badlands of South Dakota or Daytona Beach, Fla., a plumber, a hairdresser and a CEO riding their Harley-Davidsons across the country are comrades. Whether roaring past a herd of bison on the plains near Mt. Rushmore or buzzing by a fleet of beach bums, their ride transcends gender, social class […]

Business News – Wholesalers Ride the Wavelengths

Posted: 07/2000 Wholesalers Ride the Wavelengths By Khali Henderson In the past nine months, several prominent wholesalers have rolled out optical wavelength services for their carrier customers. Broadwing Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Broadwing Inc. (www.broadwing.com), and Level 3 Communications Inc. (www.level3.com) are the latest to unveil a wholesale wavelength service. These come on […]

Repositioning Your Agency to Ride the CLEC Train

Posted: 04/2000 Repositioning Your Agency to Ride the CLEC Train By Bill Power I used to struggle when someone asked me what I did for a living. “We sell telecommunications services” or “I own a telecom agency” usually resulted in blank stares or follow-up questions asking for more details.In the past year or two, however, […]

Regulatory News – Bell Companies Ride High on Competitive Surf

Posted: 06/1999 Bell Companies Ride High on Competitive Surf By Kim Sunderland Whether it’s an application for the provision of in-region long distance service or a petition to merge with another incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC), the Bell companies are moving closer to obtaining approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on both counts. It’s […]

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