Business News – DSL Wholesalers Reinventing Themselves

Posted: 04/2001 DSL Wholesalers Reinventing Themselves By Becky Bracken Faced with unfavorable market conditions, fierce competition from incumbents and an ever-shrinking pool of ISP distribution channels, DSL wholesalers are going through an inevitable period of reinvention. But in an industry where demand is high and continues to grow, smart data LECs (DLECs) that can seize […]

Wholesale: Survey: DSL Wholesalers Get Mixed Reviews

Posted: 11/2000 Survey: DSL Wholesalers Get Mixed Reviews By Judy Reed Smith and Nick Regas DSL. It was a brilliant idea: Widen the bandwidth spectrum over the same copper wire that telephones already use enabling data and voice data to travel simultaneously at high speeds. It could not have happened at a better time. Demand […]

Business News – Rhythms Teams With Level 3 to Market IP Broadband Services

Posted: 04/2000 Rhythms Teams With Level 3 to Market IP Broadband Services By Khali Henderson Rhythms NetConnections Inc. (www.rhythms.com) has allied with Level 3 Communications Inc. (www.level3.com) to market “any-distance” bundled IP services, featuring high-speed local and long-distance network connectivity and usage-based bandwidth pricing.The agreement is part of Rhythms’ overall strategy to develop strategic partnerships […]

Group Forms SoftSwitch Consortium

Posted: 07/1999 Group Forms SoftSwitch Consortium A group of telecommunications companies has formed the SoftSwitch Consortium, which will promote open standards and protocols and new application development for a distributed set of hardware and software platforms to connect seamlessly to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the Internet. Founding members include Cisco Systems Inc., […]

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