Special Access Revisited

Next to forbearance, many wireless providers and CLECs list special access as their top regulatory concern. How, they ask, will they compete if the FCC continues to reduce government oversight of circuit pricing and accessibility? Now, at the behest of a head House Democrat, not of its own accord, the FCC looks to ask itself […]

Exchanges Revisited

The multilateral exchange has gone through many mutations over its short life but now seems to find itself at the meet-me point for clearinghouses and interconnection providers. There now are options for the exchange of IP data traffic that likely will spill over into IP voice, and each tackles the problem from a different direction […]

Selling Long Distance as an Agent Revisited

Posted: 09/1998 Selling Long Distance as an Agent Revisited An Updated How-To Planner for 1998-’99 By Dan Baldwin Two years ago, shortly after forming the One Plus Agent Association (OPAA), we conceived, wrote and published on our website ( our 70-page book, "How to Sell Long Distance." At the time it was the end-all, be-all […]

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