Congress Sure to Revisit ’96 Act in 2005, Panelists Say

A serious review of the 1996 Telecommunications Act in the next Congress was a virtual certainty, according to key professional staff members from both the House of Representatives and the Senate during an appearance before the ALTS 2004 Business and Policy Conference this week. They said legislation likely would not occur until the second session, […]

Special Report: Wholesalers, Resellers Revisit Redundancy Strategies

Posted: 11/2001 Special Report Restoring America’s Connections Wholesalers, Resellers Revisit Redundancy Strategies By Josh Long The Sept. 11 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center ravaged Verizon Communications Inc.’s central office (CO) on 140 West St., knocking out or disrupting 200,000 voice access lines, 100,000 business lines, 3.6 million data circuits and 10 cellular towers. […]

Agency Channel: Carriers Revisit Agent Training

Posted: 06/2000 Carriers Revisit Agent Training By Tara Seals As long distance fades as a revenue base, carriers introduce more complex local, data and integrated services. This has agents, wary of the shift, demanding improved training that is better suited to specific needs.Several carriers have stepped up to the plate by expanding agent training programs, […]

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