iPhone Plan Details Revealed

Cranking up the anticipation for the iPhones June 29 launch, AT&T Inc. and Apple Inc. announced new service details today. There will be three new service plans available just for the iPhone, all of which include unlimited data, Visual Voicemail (which allows consumers to see a listing of their voice mails, decide which to listen […]

Telecommodities Indices

Posted: 12/1999 Continued Bandwidth Rate Leveling RateXchange’s index methodology for U.S. east-west bandwidth rates reinforces the market’s conclusion that prices are stabilizing. This is a repeat trend identified in the past two issues of PHONE+, as traded contracts on average have remained stable (and even slightly increased) over the past month. The Real-Time Bandwidth Exchange*Revealed […]

Bandwidth Rates Leveling; Arbitrage Opportunityor Abundant Demand?

Posted: 09/1999 Bandwidth Rates Leveling; Arbitrage Opportunity or Abundant Demand? In the second month of applying RateXchange’s index methodology to U.S. East-West bandwidth rates, the market is betting that prices will be relatively stable over the next year. This is the same trend identified in the last issue of PHONE+, as traded contracts on average […]

Telecommodities Indices

Posted: 07/1999 TeleCommodities Indices Turns Forward-Looking Beginning in next month’s issue of PHONE+, RateXchange will publish new TeleCommodities Indices reflecting temporal (current and future) and geographically specific indicators, including: * The Real-Time Bandwidth Exchange*Revealed Price Index (RTBX*RPI), which reveals current market rates for wholesale public switched telephone network (PSTN) minutes; and * The RTBX*Revealed Forward […]

Resellers Pursue PCS Despite Setbacks

Posted: 09/1998 Resellers Pursue PCS Despite Setbacks By Khali Henderson Once considered resellers’ best hope of bringing a wireless product to market, personal communications services (PCS) have been nearly as hard-won as cellular. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has settled a long-standing dispute between resellers and potential PCS carriers by reaffirming its resale policies up […]

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