New Technologies Bring New Opportunities in the Retail Sector

A large percentage of retailers manage the technology function with less-than-optimal levels of staffing and expertise. Nearly six in 10 retail businesses seek moderate to substantial improvement in their adoption and utilization of technology.

Dollars and Sense: Targeting Retailers and Franchisees

For most small businesses, especially those in the retail segment, the finish line for the current economic malaise still seems only vaguely visible. Where does that leave the communications dealer trying to make an impact in the retail environment? Surprisingly, it leaves you with an ideal sales opportunity.

Holiday Cheer for the Retail Sector

By Dan Foster, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, MegaPath Inc. For agents and VARs focused on the retail sector, this is a great time to check in with your customers or prospects and learn about projects on their docket for 2010. Likely they will be hard to reach, but when you do, retailers are thinking […]

Verizon to Sell BlackBerry Storm2 This Week

The wait is almost over for BlackBerry junkies looking forward to the release of the Storm2. Verizon announced today that it will start selling the new smartphone in its retail outlets, online and through business sales channels on Wednesday. The company claims the phone has hundreds of hardware and software enhancements above and beyond the […]

8×8 Virtual Office Bundle on Sale at 400 OfficeMax Stores

IT Expo West – 8×8 Inc. announced this week that OfficeMax is offering the 8×8/Aastra co-branded 6755i IP business phone bundled with the 8×8 Virtual Office phone services, at approximately 400 of its retail locations in the United States and online. The plug-and-play 8×8/Aastra 6755i IP phone serves as an endpoint for the 8×8 Virtual […]

8×8, Aastra Sell VoIP Bundle at Office Depot

8×8 Inc. and Aastra have partnered to deliver a VoIP service-phone bundle at Office Depot, joining other providers and manufacturers such as Microsoft and Speakeasy, targeting the SOHO and SMB users through big box retailers. 8×8 Inc. announced last summer a similar distribution deal with Staples to sell its Virtual Office hosted PBX system for […]

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