Wholesale Channel – Telecom Providers to Bid on Decommissioned Utility Pipes

Posted: 09/2001 Wholesale Channel Telecom Providers to Bid on Decommissioned Utility Pipes By Josh Long AGL Resources Inc., a regional energy holding company in the Southeast, has launched, a website where telecom companies can bid for and lease decommissioned pipes. Its subsidiary, Atlanta Gas Light Company, founded in 1856, has been retiring pipes for […]

E-Channel: Nonprofits Find Affinity with

Posted: 02/2001 Nonprofits Find Affinity with By Becky Bracken In an effort to attract more traffic to its website, Inc. ( recently implemented its Affinity Program for nonprofit organizations. Because nonprofits rarely have the in-house expertise to design a communications solution, can apply its reach across the telecommunications sector as a business-to-business […]

Agency Channel: Who Wants to be a Reseller?

Posted: 07/2000 Who Wants to be a Reseller? By Tara Seals Who wants to be a millionaire? We all do. And, from the comfort of our sofas, we’re sure our final answers would lead us swiftly to an entry in Regis Philbin’s checkbook. In much the same way, agents are looking at the resale business […]

Business News – Dot-Com Company Becomes Sprint Agent

Posted: 07/2000 Dot-Com Company Becomes Sprint Agent BY TARA SEALS (, a business to business financial portal for companies that want to attract capital and go public, signed an agent agreement Tuesday with Sprint Business ( is Sprint’s first dot-com agent, and the carrier says the move indicates a trend towards “thinking outside […]

Regulatory News – Bell Atlantic’s OSS Problems Spill Out of N.Y.

Posted:  05/2000 Government Throttles Deceptive Long-Distance Advertising BY KIM SUNDERLAND To the delight of U.S. consumers, deceitful ads are on their way out if the federal government has anything to say about it.And if carriers continue to play this way, they eventually will pay.In new guidelines aimed at promoting truth-in-advertising (including dial-around “10-10” services), a […]

Bottom Line: It’s Your Choice:Buy, Build or Outsource

Posted: 05/2000 It’s Your Choice:Buy, Build or Outsource By Faye F. Henris The Telecommunications Act of 1996, combined with overall global economic conditions, has provided the impetus for unprecedented growth and increased competition in the telecommunications industry.Viable options exist for consumers in most metropolitan areas to choose a service provider and a number of service […]

Telcos Find Home in ASP World

Posted: 11/1999 Telcos Find Home in ASP World By Michael Mitsock In a nutshell, ASP is a rental or pay-per-use model for software applications aimed at consumers and, more importantly, at the burgeoning and barely tapped market of small to medium-sized businesses. What began as a fairly low murmur last May when the ASP Industry […]

Managing Telecom’s Currency: The CDR

Posted: 09/1999 Managing Telecom’s Currency: The CDR By Byron Middendorf What do the dollar, yen, peso and call detail record (CDR) all have in common? They all are currencies. The currency of the telecom industry is the CDR, which is an accounting record produced by switches to track information about individual calls, including time, duration, […]

Guerrilla Publishing

Posted: 07/1998 Guerrilla Publishing In many ways, this magazine reflects its audience. It serves a niche market. It has experienced rapid growth. It has taken share away from larger competitors. And, when market conditions necessitate a change, it’s been quick to move. Like many of our readers, the staff of PHONE+ has been known to […]

BellSouth’s Name Game

Posted: 05/1998 BellSouth’s Name Game Will Regulators Be Caught in a "Blind"? By Genevieve Morelli There is an old adage that if something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it is a duck. This saying perfectly characterizes an evolving regulatory and marketplace issue: the attempt by incumbent local exchange (ILECs) […]

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