Cloud Contact-Center Market to Nearly Triple in 5 Years

Challenges in cloud-based contact center sales surround customers’ concerns over the risk of information loss and reduced control after outsourcing. But they clearly aren’t holding the market back much.

Slower-Than-Expected Growth Predicted for IT Spending

There is some pent-up demand, however, particularly in mature markets, where businesses will take advantage of a more stable business climate to replace aging infrastructure – servers, storage and network equipment.

AT&T: Mobile Tech Saves Small Businesses Billions

“Where would we be without technology?” You’ve probably heard it asked a thousand times, followed by any number of answers that mean the same thing: “nowhere.” But the real answer might be: “bankrupt.”

Cloud Computing Helps SMBs Grow

The key reasons for using cloud and the resulting benefits vary by size of business. SMBs’ concerns about cloud also vary.

Businesses Overconfident About IT Security

Only 13 percent of firms say theyve made drastic changes to their security approach over the past two years surprising when you consider the adoption of cloud computing, BYOD and social tools.

Is BYOD Really a Cost-Savings Move?

New research from CompTIA shows that organizations seeking to maximize the economic and productivity benefits made possible by mobile technologies must look beyond which devices are used and re-examine business processes and workforce needs.

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