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Nortel Patents Could Generate $1.1B

Bankrupt Nortel Networks could generate as much as $1.1 billion by selling its technology patents, especially if any deal includes the LTE intellectual property.

BlackBerry Tablet Computer Talk Heats Up

It seems that the folks at Research in Motion won’t be sitting around twiddling their thumbs as other companies develop tablet computers to rival Apple’s iPad. Boy Genius Report sources are saying RIM’s new slate will be 8.9 inches long and will use either Bluetooth to connect to your BlackBerry or a Wi-Fi radio that […]

BlackBerry Outlook Gloomy as Competition Grows

A question that would have seemed inconceivable only a year ago now seems highly pertinent: Will the BlackBerry, once a must-have workhorse and status symbol for millions of corporate executives (and wannabes), be able to survive in the new era of the iPhone, Android, and other deluxe smartphones?

Verizon To Boot RIMs BlackBerry Storm Reports

Research In Motion (RIMM) could be in trouble. Rumor is rampant today that Verizon Wireless (VZ) is discontinuing sales of the BlackBerry Storm, one of RIM’s iconic devices, over too-high return rates. Indeed, customers were not fond of the first generation’s floating touchscreen and the second iteration hasn’t done much better – users want more iPhone and […]

iPhone Chips Away at BlackBerrys U.S. Smartphone Lead

New data from Internet market researcher comScore shows that Apple’s iPhone made some gains in 2009’s fourth quarter against BlackBerry, the market share leader. RIM’s BlackBerry platform leads with a little less than 42 percent of the market. Apple is second, with more than 25 percent of smarphone users owning iPhones. That’s a 1 percent drop […]

Kodak: iPhone, BlackBerry Infringe on Patents

Kodak has filed a lawsuit against Research in Motion and Apple, arguing that iPhones and BlackBerrys that come equipped with cameras infringe on company patents relating to digital imaging technology. That suit was filed Thursday with the International Trade Commission. Two separate, but similar suits against Apple were filed in federal court in New York. […]

BlackBerry Tour2 Will Have Trackpad, Faster Processor

Research In Motion (RIM) reportedly will launch the BlackBerry Tour2, or 9650 model, soon. And even though the company has yet to make any formal announcement, some details about the new smartphone have been leaked. This time around, the Tour will feature an optical trackpad. The current version has a trackball. The Tour2 is said […]

Patent-Infringment Claim Filed Against RIM/BlackBerry

Could BlackBerry be banned from the U.S.? Sure, it’s a remote possibility, but that’s one extreme that could result if a U.S. company wins a legal battle with BlackBerry-parent Research In Motion. Filing a complaint Wednesday with the U.S. International Trade Commission, Prism Technologies of Omaha, Neb., says RIM is violating an authentication-system patent. Prism […]

Carrier Billing Comes to BlackBerry App World in 2010

Research in Motion CEO Jim Balsillie says BlackBerry App World will start offering carrier billing sometime next year. The announcement came at the BlackBerry Developer Conference this week. It comes as welcome news for customers who buy apps for their phones. Right now, users must have a PayPal account. Carrier billing would bypass that and make […]

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