MegaPath Expands Bonded T1 Service

MegaPath Inc. said it has expanded its Bonded T1 service to provide the largest coverage in the country. The MegaPath Bonded T1 service combines two T1 lines to deliver 3mbps of high-speed data transmission in both directions, providing businesses with increased bandwidth. The Bonded T1 service only requires a single router, which makes it easier […]

ShoreTel Introduces IP Communications Technology Partner Program

ShoreTel Inc. on Monday introduced a new partner program to include companies whose products complement its own — IP phone systems, contact center services and more. The program provides customers with additional hardware and software options that enhance their communications infrastructure. ShoreTel customers can use the program to find and utilize the open interfaces of […]

Qwest Business Partner Program Adds New Associate Level

Qwest Communications International Inc. has announced the addition of a new associate partner level to its Qwest Business Partner Program (QBPP). The new level is designed to make it easier for more partners to enjoy the benefits of QBPP, the company said. QBPP is a sales channel within Qwest that provides sales and sales support […]


Creating International Networks to Support Your Customers’ Needs Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006 * 2 - 3 p.m. ESTPresented by xchange and VancoCorporations today are expanding their businesses to new markets in the farthest reaches of the globe. Telcos must match this forward march with a global footprint of their own. To do this under today’s timetables […]

Next Stop 2006

I want to thank everybody for welcoming me to the telecom industry. The last couple of months have been extremely challenging, but also surprisingly fun. Many of you have expressed your support and have been exceptionally helpful to me in my new post. I must admit Ive been somewhat amused at the number of comments […]

ADSL, VDSL, ChocolateDSL…

Like a good ice cream shop, the folks responsible for bringing you affordable broadband over copper are constantly inventing new taste sensations. But the acronym-filled world of DSL can be overwhelming. A reasoned look at the not-quite-31 flavors of DSL cuts through the confusion. The differences between types of DSL hinge mostly on the fact […]

Club Fed

Carriers, resellers and service providers may have services and solutions that public sector entities (read: the government) want and could use, but being successful in this vertical takes a lot more than a fitting solution. With a unique set of purchasing requirements and pain points, state, local and federal entities are time-consuming, yet ultimately worthwhile, […]

SOAP BOX: Rural Rollout of Advanced Services Requires Realistic Grasp of Digital Divide

Posted: 06/2002 Rural Rollout of Advanced Services Requires Realistic Grasp of Digital Divide By Michael E. Brunner THE DIGITAL DIVIDE has become a common political theme. The term defines the disparity of access to advanced telecommunications and information capabilities, such as broadband, by certain income groups, particular demographics or selected geographic areas.Policymakers have fixated on […]

Point-and-Click OSS Requires Cut, Paste

Posted: 11/2001 Point-and-Click OSS Requires Cut, Paste By Fred DawsonAmidst the steady drumbeat of vendor announcements promising point-and-click bliss with implementation of next-generation operations support systems, the experiences of carriers seeking to create a customer-friendly operating environment attest to something closer to grunt and grind.True, new IP-based, web-oriented approaches to OSS integration, provisioning and billing […]

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