FCC Gives AT&T Partial Forbearance Relief

The FCC late Thursday night partially granted AT&T Inc.s petition for forbearance from rules governing its commercial broadband services. Perhaps of greatest concern to CLECs is that AT&T can price its commercial broadband services as it sees fit and not share those rates with providers using its networks. The FCC issued a statement just minutes […]

OnForce Launches PowerMatch

OnForce has launched PowerMatch, a matching engine that enables IT service buyers to find the providers that are best equipped to meet their needs. PowerMatch is based on more than a dozen carefully selected criteria, encompassing how well each providers skills, performance and location match an individual service request, OnForce said. When a work order […]

Appeals Court Rejects Vonage Request

A federal appeals court today denied Vonage Holdings Corp.s request that the jury verdict against it be thrown out and that the company get a new trial. We believe that Vonage has not yet made a sufficient argument to justify a new trial, said analysts for investment bank Stifel Nicolaus in a memo to clients. […]

Court Turns Down COMPTELs Request to Intervene in RBOC Mergers

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on Wednesday granted COMPTEL friend of the court status after the competitive carrier association made its case for an independent inquiry into whether the public interest is being served by the elimination of long-distance operators AT&T Corp. and MCI Inc. (see story). The hearing lasted nearly two hours, a […]

Slippery Slope

IN CASE YOU HAVENT NOTICED , the telecom industry is sliding down a slippery slope. At the bottom of the slide is a world without common carrier obligations. Its alarmist to think we would ever land there, but recent actions since my last rant on the topic (see March PHONE+) have pushed us ever closer. […]

Telegration: Agents to Benefit From SBC/AT&T Merger

Service provider Telegration Inc. (Booth 702) has rolled out several support tools for its Alliance Partners and said it is working to help its agents benefits from the merger of SBC Communications Inc. and AT&T Corp., which created the new AT&T Inc. Thanks to the merger, Telegration said it will be able to increase compensation […]

Motorola Sues Over Zafirovskis Nortel Appointment

Motorola Inc. is suing its former president and COO for breach of contract now that he has taken another job.Mike Zafirovski is slated to become president and CEO of Nortel Networks Corp. on Nov. 15, and Motorolas lawsuit alleges Zafirovski, who resigned earlier this year, is violating various agreements with Motorola by accepting the position […]

Do-Not-Call Rules Enforcement Begins

Posted: 2/2004 Do-Not-Call Rules Enforcement Begins By Gregory E. Kunkle, Esq., and Thomas K. Crowe, Esq. Amid ongoing legal challenges, the federal do-not-call list is up and running and being enforced. The FCC reports at least 2,000 consumer complaints were filed in the first week following the lists Oct. 7 debut. The high level of […]

Round Table

Posted: 9/2003 … ON SBC COMMUNICATIONS INC.S REQUEST FOR FEDERAL AUTHORITY TO PROVIDE LONG-DISTANCE SERVICES IN ILLINOIS, INDIANA, OHIO AND WISCONSIN The networks are open. The local markets are open. Its time to be allowed in the long-distance business so we can compete on an equal footing. Dave Pacholczyk, spokesman, SBC SBC should have ensured […]

Business News – Alliance Seeks Agent Recognition in Consumer Ads

Posted: 06/2000 Alliance Seeks Agent Recognition in Consumer Ads By Tara Seals The Agent Alliance ( announced in May an initiative to gain agent recognition in consumer advertising. The move is spearheaded by Paul Silicato, the alliance’s president and co-owner of Global Systems Telecom Inc. ( a prepared statement, the alliance urges carriers and resellers […]

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