ATLANTIC-ACM Delivers 2007 U.S. Wholesale Excellence Awards

ATLANTIC-ACM announced the winners of its annual U.S. Wholesale Excellence Awards on Wednesday at the COMPTEL PLUS Spring 2007 Convention & EXPO in Las Vegas. Wholesale Excellence Awards are derived from the 2007 edition of ATLANTIC-ACMs U.S. Wholesale Long Distance Carrier Report Card, the telecommunications industrys principal wholesale benchmarking study. ATLANTIC-ACM CEO Judy Reed Smith […]

Global Crossing Expands Outside Sales Team

Global Crossing Ltd. is seeking to broaden its outside sales channels around the world after finding its services sold by independent reps are a good match for midsized enterprises with at least 100 employees. Global Crossing had aligned with 50 U.S. sales agencies heading into the spring, and the company was seeking about 25 more […]

VarTec Shows Excel the Door

As it reorganizes under bankruptcy, VarTec Telecom Inc. is abandoning a vast marketing channel it has used to sell communications services to consumers and small businesses. The Dallas phone company is severing ties with a network of 130,000 independent sales representatives working on behalf of Excel, the business it acquired in 2002 from Teleglobe in […]

RPM Software Forms User Group for Agents

RPM Software (Booth 512) will initiate a user group for its leading agent channel application, thanks to customer suggestions. The first user group meeting is scheduled at The Channel Partners Conference & Expo. This venue will allow agency executives, managers, reps and back-office support personnel to offer direct feedback to those chiefly responsible for product […]

It’s a Cross-Border Invasion, Eh

NetOne Solutions Inc. is telecom’s first master agent in Canada and has signed non-exclusive deals with multiple carriers. Why should that matter to agents in the United States? Because, say NetOne executives, this means U.S. agents can get paid for cross-border traffic terminating in the Great White North. James Rutherford, president of NetOne, and COO […]

Overcoming the Six Unders of Ill-Equipped Sales Forces

Posted: 7/2003 Overcoming the Six Unders of Ill-Equipped Sales Forces By Michael Heflin The ill-equipped sales force suffers some typical symptoms: a few salespeople drive a large portion of the revenue while the majority of salespeople have average or below average performance. Worse than the 80/20 rule (i.e., Paretos principle), in my experience it is […]

Why Good Salespeople Make Bad Decisions

Posted: 12/2002 Why Good Salespeople Make Bad Decisions By Dr. Wayne M. Thomas, DBA Editor’s Note: The author’s last article, "How to Avoid Being the Designated Loser," in the October 2002 issue of PHONE+ was so well received that we are following it up with a further look at reasons why the high drama of […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Ex-Carrier Sales Reps Dock at Agency Port

Posted: 10/2002 Ex-Carrier Sales Reps Dock at Agency Port By Tara Seals Nik Nesbitt WHILE THE TELECOM MARKET WEATHERS the storm of the century, disenfranchised carrier executives and direct salespeople seeking refuge from the deluge of layoffs may find channel marketing a friendly port. These professionals, often with years of experience under their belts, are […]

WorldCom Agents: Where is Our July Check?

WorldCom Inc., the telecommunications titan that last month filed the largest bankruptcy petition in U.S. history, has not paid independent sales representatives their July commission checks. Some agents said this week WorldCom has not communicated fully whether the carrier would pay them or treat them as an unsecured creditor. Independent sales representatives often are listed […]

Partner Channel Headlines: C&W Trades Direct Sales Reps for Agents

Posted: 03/2002 PARTNER CHANNEL HEADLINES C&W Trades Direct Sales Reps for Agents By Josh Long Rick Dellar Last fall, Cable & Wireless let go nearly its entire direct sales force responsible for its small to medium-sized and large corporate business accounts. As the number of pink slips mounted, independent agents found themselves in a strikingly […]

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