Helein Law Group Delivers New Reporting Service

The Helein Law Group (Booth 129, HLG) has announced its Compliance & Reporting Service, which offers nationwide regulatory reporting support services designed to assist telecommunications companies in meeting all federal and state regulatory reporting and compliance obligations. The firm delivers the service through relationships with leading providers of taxation and marketing compliance services. The HLG’s […]

SNET Service to Offload LNP Administration, Reporting

Posted: 05/2002 SNET Service to Offload LNP Administration, Reporting By Peter Lambert ANY JOB DRAWING ENERGY AND TIME away from the bottom line, the theory goes, bears consideration for outsourcing. With plans to add a hosted service order administration (SOA) offering to its package of outsourced services this summer, SNET Diversified Group, a wholly owned […]

Higher Power

Posted: 04/2002 Higher Power Baby Bells Intensify Probe of Inaccurate Reporting By Josh LongCOMPETITORS NEED TO BE CAREFUL how they report the percentage of intrastate long-distance traffic terminating on the incumbent’s network. The Baby Bells may not be the only ones watching.After a 14-month FBI-led investigation, Texas-based NTS Communications has agreed to pay Southwestern Bell […]

Bottom Line: It’s Your Choice:Buy, Build or Outsource

Posted: 05/2000 It’s Your Choice:Buy, Build or Outsource By Faye F. Henris The Telecommunications Act of 1996, combined with overall global economic conditions, has provided the impetus for unprecedented growth and increased competition in the telecommunications industry.Viable options exist for consumers in most metropolitan areas to choose a service provider and a number of service […]

Web-Based Wholesale Carrier Customer Network Management Systems

WEB-BASED WHOLESALE CARRIER CUSTOMER NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Wholesale Carrier Web-Enabled CNMs Frontier UCommand IXC IXC Online MCI WorldCom Inc. Sprint Corp. Desktop Manager Williams Network  InSite Web Interface * Netscape 1998 3/98 2Q98 5/98 — * Explorer 1998 3/98 N 5/98 3/99 * Other — — *(1) — — Connectivity * Internet 1998 3/98 * […]

Know Thine Enemy

Posted: 11/1998 Know Thine Enemy Intelligence Techniques Arm Carriers Against Subscription Fraudsters By Mario McCash James Bauer, deputy assistant director for the U.S. Secret Service Office of Investigations, testified in April before a Congressional subcommittee that all kinds of important personal information stored in computers, including driver’s license and Social Security numbers, are accessible and […]

Mr. Ed’s Traveling Salvation Show for Monopolies

Posted: 06/1998 Mr. Ed’s Traveling Salvation Show for Monopolies Competitors attempting to penetrate the local markets are reporting an assortment of anti-competitive practices by these same incumbents. By Casey Freymuth Internationally, incumbent alliances have failed at many levels. At home, however, they’ve done a pretty good job of protecting market share by anyone’s standards. When […]

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