Nokia Unveils New Platform, Announces New Customer

Nokia at TeleManagement World made several announcements, including two regarding a new software platform release and a customer win. The company has unveiled its software platform that will let network equipment providers, ISVs and systems integrators develop network management solutions more efficiently, which is intended to result in faster market entry. The platform, called Open […]

Harris MCD Enhances Wireless Backhaul

Harris Corp.s Microwave Communications Division has added remote capacity control and new security management features to its flagship Truepoint digital microwave radio platform for backhaul. Remote capacity control enables operators to “pay as you grow” on any Truepoint microwave link, by scaling capacity where and when it is needed, giving granular control to optimize network […]

Tollgrade Unveils New VoIP Test Solutions

Network test systems provider Tollgrade Communications Inc. at TelecomNEXT is introducing two new VoIP test solutions built upon ADSL, ADSL2+, and DOCSIS broadband access network test points. These new VoIP solutions will be available for customer trial in the second quarter of this year and are expected to be generally available shortly thereafter. The LoopCare […]

Quintum Unveils Remote Management for Tenor Products

Quintum Technologies Inc., a vendor of VoIP infrastructure equipment, has announced the Remote Management Session Server (RMSS), a device that provides secure remote monitoring and management of up to 5,000 Quintum Tenor gateways. The product can manage Tenors in a secure encrypted way even if the products are located behind a firewall or NAT (network […]

Product Showcase: WLAN Access Points

XIRRUS WLAN ARRAY PUTS APS IN ONE DEVICE The Xirrus XS-3900 Wireless LAN Array connects to the existing Ethernet network, and doesnt require a centralized WLAN switch or appliance to operate, reducing the number of devices to install. Xirrus Inc. offers its WLAN Array, made up of 16 access points integrated into one device, for […]

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