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Posted: 04/2000 News Briefs Peregrine Systems to Acquire Telco ResearchPeregrine Systems Inc. ( and Telco Research Corp. ( recently announced they have signed a merger agreement under which Peregrine Systems will acquire all Telco Research’s outstanding shares. The acquisition brings extensive telephony infrastructure management capabilities to Peregrine’s Systems Infrastructure Management product line.The Telco Research shareholders […]

Alcatel Delivers Packet Access WholesalingSystem

Posted: 11/1999 Alcatel Delivers Packet Access Wholesaling System By Peter Lambert Wholesaling of dial-up and broadband Internet access services just became easier to grow and to manage, according to Plano, Texas-based manufacturer Alcatel USA. The company has introduced a software package designed to provide centralized controls for large-scale regional, national and international networks of access […]

Seven Ps of Services Marketing

Posted: 09/1999 Seven Ps of Services Marketing By Michael R. Blumberg The marketing mix, one of the most basic elements of marketing, states that there are four principles inherent to any marketing program: product, price, promotion and placement. These four principles of marketing were developed to explain how decisions affecting the marketing mix impact the […]

IP Centrex Breaks Out of CO Box

Posted: 07/1999 IP Centrex Breaks Out of CO Box By Charlotte Wolter An IP Centrex system can be located almost anywhere in a network, and it can serve any number of remoteoffices seamlessly. One of the most distinct characteristics of the Internet is that it breaks down barriers of distance in networks–makes them irrelevant, in […]

IP Puts New Spin on Fax

Posted: 06/1999 IP Puts New Spin on Fax By Brandy Pfalmer Even with the introduction of e-mail and its fast acceptance into the marketplace, faxing continues to be the most widely accepted mechanism for transporting information, making up a large part of a company’s phone bill. In fact, a study by the Gallup Organization for […]

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