Telecommodities Indices – Bandwidth Price Remains Stable

Posted: 08/2000 Bandwidth Price Remains Stable The July 2000 price for DS-3 bandwidth, $26,858, did not change from the June price. In fact, since April, the price fluctuation has been stable, ranging from $27,265 to $26,858.The difference between the high and low during the four-month period is $407, or a price swing range of 1.5 […]

Mediation Remains Key to Next-Generation Networks

Posted: 05/2000 Mediation Remains Key to Next-Generation Networks By Charlotte Wolter The platforms sometimes called “mediation switches” were pioneers in the movement toward call control using software and generic computing platforms that have culminated in what now is called a softswitch.This original softswitch was a highly flexible call control solution that usually was structured as […]

IP Telephony Interoperability Remains Topical

Posted: 08/1999 IP Telephony Interoperability Remains Topical By Paula Bernier In general, Internet protocol (IP) telephony and, specifically, interoperability, were hot topics at SUPERCOMM ’99 in Atlanta. Of course, as with all new technologies, interoperability among different vendors’ products is always an issue, and IP telephony is no exception. Although the 3 1/2-year-old industry quickly […]

Success by Association

Posted: 07/1998 Success by Association The Association Resource Group Is Powered by Superior Customer Service When William H. Power and Gregory J. Praske met 20 years ago they were two cocky college grads. That encounter turned into a friendship that would outlast many marriages and evolved a mutually profitable independent telecommunications agency. On the surface, […]

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