The DIY Dream, Deferred

MAYBE ITS PART OF THE RUGGED individual, American Dream ethos, but very few of us can resist the opportunity to do things ourselves. Whether its putting in a new kitchen or learning how to knit, DIY is hot. Resellers and master agents are on top of the trend, implementing self-provisioning and self-management for their own […]

my people Looks to INFONIXX for Directory Assistance

my people, a nationwide residential VoIP service provider, has chosen INFONXX as its provider of enhanced directory assistance services, including information on dining, movies and weather, horoscopes, lottery results, sports scores, stocks and more. INFONXX also will connect my peoples users through VoIP call completion, which means users do not have to remember or write […]

First Avenue Appoints New Head

First Avenue Networks, a provider offering wholesale services for other carriers, has named Mike Gallagher as its new president and CEO. Gallagher replaces Dean Johnson, who remains on the board of directors as vice chairman. Gallagher previously served as president of Flarion Technologies, a company recently acquired by QUALCOMM. He also has worked for Bay […]

Wholesale Competition Remains Fierce

The seventh edition of ATLANTIC-ACM’s U.S. Wholesale Long Distance Carrier Report Card reveals wholesale voice and data industry growth will remain modest - and competitive - for years to come. Total wholesale long-distance voice and data revenue will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.57 percent through 2008, taking the U.S. wholesale industry to […]

Level 3 Beats Earnings Consensus, Lures Warren Buffett

Wholesale carriers that during the late `90s hey day raised a mountain of cash in public equity and high-yield bonds began their descent into insolvency last year after Silicon Valley’s dot com hotshots packed their bags. Faced with mounting debt payments and increasing skepticism about the viability of the wholesale carrier model following the demise […]

Wholesale Channel:   NextWave Settlement Remains in Limbo

Posted: 2/2002 Wholesale Channel NextWave Settlement Remains in Limbo By Kim Sunderland Mobile telephone companies want a resolution to the lengthy dispute over wireless licenses held by bankrupt NextWave Telecom Inc., just as further involvement by Congress and now the U.S. Supreme Court becomes a heavier cloud hanging in an already overcast sky. “Industry players […]

Trading Desk – Compensation Remains Master Agreement’s Detour

Posted: 04/2001 Trading Desk Compensation Remains Master Agreement’s Detour By Bruce Christian Compensation, and who should pay it if QoS standards are not met, remains the major roadblock in the telecom industry’s acceptance of a proposed master trading agreement for buyers and sellers of bandwidth. The master trading agreement draft was posted in December on […]

Soap Box – Ensuring Fair Competition Remains Regulatory Challenge for Prepaid

Posted: 03/2001 Soap Box Ensuring Fair Competition Remains Regulatory Challenge for Prepaid By Howard Segermark Payments in advance for services yet to be rendered is an unusual and sometimes problematic arrangement. When I buy long-distance service from a carrier, every month I get what amounts to a contract–a fine-print list of the conditions I agree […]

Trading Desk: Master Agreement Remains in Committee

Posted: 12/2000 Master Agreement Remains in Committee By Khali Henderson After months of deliberations, the committee drafting a bandwidth trading master agreement is close to releasing the draft, according to H. Russell Frisby Jr., president of the Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel,, the association that organized the task force. At press time, however, Frisby could […]

Trading Desk: Master Agreement Remains in Committee

Posted: 12/2000 ACE Expands Global Program The Asia Capacity Exchange (ACE,, which trades international telecommunications capacity, announced in late October an aggressive plan to expand into the Europe and Asia markets. With headquarters in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, ACE announced it has submitted applications for telecom licenses in Japan, Singapore and Australia. If […]

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