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Palm Pre Silliness: Another Release Date Rumor

Despite talk about keeping everything hush-hush, does anyone think Palm or Sprint might be intentionally leaking the rumors about when the new Palm Pre is to be released, in order to keep everyone talking about it? Or to keep so much speculation floating around that no one will know until the new smartphone is almost […]

Palm Mini-Pre Plans in the Works?

The Palm Inc. buzz-nugget known as the Palm Pre might be generating all kinds of excitement and speculation as to release date, but the vendor is reportedly also hard at work on its second act – a smaller version. Call it the Palm Pre Lite. Or as some say, the “Mini-Pre.” TechCrunch on Thursday cited […]

The BlackBerry Storm Prepares to Make Landfall

After a teasing ad campaign that offered tantalizing almost-looks at the device, Verizon Wireless finally will launch the BlackBerry Storm smartphone on Nov. 21. The Storm, BlackBerry’s first touchscreen device, goes head to head with the Apple iPhone and the T-Mobile G1 Google Android handset, with a price tag of $199 with a two-year contract. […]

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