Web-Based Wholesale Carrier Customer Network Management Systems

WEB-BASED WHOLESALE CARRIER CUSTOMER NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Wholesale Carrier Web-Enabled CNMs Frontier UCommand IXC IXC Online MCI WorldCom Inc. Sprint Corp. Desktop Manager Williams Network  InSite Web Interface * Netscape 1998 3/98 2Q98 5/98 — * Explorer 1998 3/98 N 5/98 3/99 * Other — — *(1) — — Connectivity * Internet 1998 3/98 * […]

ATM: A Contender for Corporate Networks

Posted: 03/1999 ATM: A Contender for Corporate Networks By Robert Rosenberg Today’s networks are in considerable turmoil, mostly due to market and political considerations rather than technological ones. However, the result of the turmoil is likely to lead to major changes in technology as a whole. Present networks are divided functionally between voice services, video […]

The Network Backbone – Not Just an IP Highway

Posted: 03/1999 The Network Backbone – Not Just an IP Highway By Charlotte Wolter Internet protocol (IP) architecture in the backbones of large long distance carriers is a new phenomenon in telecom. As recently as two years ago, most network providers had no IP in their backbone, except as traffic carried along on another transport […]

Unified Access:

Posted: 01/1999 Unified Access: Multiservice Network Dream Wide Open to Interpretation By Peter Lambert Multiple voice, data and video services over a single wide area connection and a single rack of equipment provided by a single service provider at a competitive cost–that’s the dream of carriers and their corporate customers, both of which are currently […]

Frame Relay’s Nothing to Fear

Posted: 12/1998 Frame Relay’s Nothing to Fear By Kieren McCobb Frame relay exploded on the telecommunications scene in the 1990s and is now a popular service in its own right. Most agents who have been selling long distance or other telecom services are familiar with the term, but few are selling it. Here’s why they […]

Capitalizing on Convergence

Posted: 11/1998 Capitalizing on Convergence By Jeff Wilson Convergence" is on the tips of everyone’s tongues this year. But when spoken, it might mean one thing to one person and another to someone else. For some, the word conjures images of new carrier infrastructure, built of glass and carrying voice and data in packets. Other […]

TMCI WorldCom’s On-net Pressures Competitors, Regulatory Framework

Posted: 11/1998 TMCI WorldCom’s On-net Pressures Competitors, Regulatory Framework By Ken Branson and Khali Henderson Two weeks after completing its merger, the pairing of MCI Communications Corp. and WorldCom Inc. launched its On-net global end-to-end network product–a move that analysts say all at once proves the synergies of its pairing and intensifies pressure on its […]

Bandwidth Builders Employ Wholesale Strategies

Posted: 08/1998 Bandwidth Builders Employ Wholesale Strategies Resellers Run Gamut of IXCs, CLECs and ISPs By Ken Branson Kent Lanum, director of brand management at UniDial Communications Inc., says it succinctly: "Voice will go wherever data goes." With data traffic growing by 30 to 40 percent annually, and voice plugging along at 5 percent or […]

Industry News

Posted: 09/1997 Industry News Click on a heading to read news text… United States Telephone Association Update Executive Talent Hard To Find Access Charge Reform Order Reconsideration Petition U.S. Wholesale Long Distance Revenues Up, ATLANTIC-ACM Reports Bell Atlantic, MCI Link Frame Relay Services Teltrust Prepaid Card Services For Flying J CompTel Salutes James M. Smith […]

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