Wireless – TSTT Chooses LHS Platform

Posted: 06/2000 TSTT Chooses LHS Platform Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. ( has selected the LHS Priority Call’s ORYX platform from LHS Group Inc. ( to deliver prepaid wireless services to its subscribers.TSTT is the fifth Oryx installation in the Caribbean region. LHS Priority Call Inc. (, a subsidiary of LHS Group in […]

Business News – General Bandwidth Prepares to Take On Voice Over All Broadband

Posted: 04/2000 General Bandwidth Prepares to Take On Voice Over All Broadband Peter Lambert LECs, cable operators and broadband wireless operators are poised to undercut the economics of local telephony access, and startup vendor General Bandwidth Inc. says it can supply a single gateway solution for them.Launched on Valentine’s Day by former NetSpeed Inc. executives–a […]

The "New" Regional Long DistanceCompanies

Posted: 11/1999 The "New" Regional Long Distance Companies By Ken Branson In baseball, coaches call it staying within yourself–the art of hitting the ball hard and consistently, but not necessarily far. It is advice several competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) seem to have taken to heart. They have concluded–and their routes to this conclusion vary–that […]

Telecommodities Indices

Posted: 03/1999 New Year Marked by Across-the-Board Rate Adjustments RateXchange trading activity surged at the beginning of the year. Carriers adjusted their rates across the board with new wholesale promotions. This was most clearly evident in nonindexed routes, such as Chile, Denmark, Jordan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and the Syrian Arab Republic minutes […]

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